Dog Breeds 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriend

10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriend

matter how much you earn

It’s Saturday night, you have a blind date and are expectant at the bar, but… he doesn’t show up. Let the dating site and take a four-legged friend. Discover ten reasons why a dog is so much better than a friend.

Reason 1: Dogs remain loyal

Why Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriendphoto: PhotKing ♛ / flickr

Dogs are one of the most faithful animal species in the world and are always happy to see you. You will never come home and see your dog flirting with someone else.

Reason 2: The later you are, the happier the dog is to see you again

Do you know the nagging of a boyfriend when you’re home a little later than you said? A dog will never make a problem of this, in fact, the longer it takes, the happier it will be when you get back.

Reason 3: Dogs don’t care what you look like

Dogs don care what you look likephoto: Karen Arnold / wikicommons

Whether you have big, small, thick, thin or any shape, a dog will never judge you for this and always accept you as you are.

Reason 4: Dogs don’t get drunk

A dog will not be completely fed up with friends in the middle of the night and will probably only find you funny when you come home some tipsy.

Reason 5: They feel really guilty

If a boyfriend has done something wrong, he can easily hide his actions. A dog cannot do that. He will feel genuinely guilty and you will immediately see that something has happened. It is therefore much easier to forgive your dog.

Reason 6: They love to cuddle

love to cuddleWhen do friends want to cuddle all night? A dog likes to do this and it is no problem to show his love for you outside the house.

Reason 7: It doesn’t matter how much you earn

A boyfriend can quickly become intimidated if you earn more than he does. A dog will only love it if you earn a lot, because that means more tasty snacks for him.matter how much you earn

Reason 8: Dogs love your friends

Do you fancy a real girls’ night out with your friends? Most friends will complain about this, but not a dog. He just likes that extra attention.

Reason 9: You can train a dog

Friends have their own ideas about what can and cannot be done in the house, such as raising the toilet seat or leaving the clothes lying around. You can train a dog and he will only be happy to do what you ask him to do.

Reason 10: They never complain about your cooking skills

Finally, one of the most enjoyable benefits of a dog is that they will never complain about your cooking. They eat everything you serve and enjoy it. And do you have some leftovers? Throw them on the floor and the dog will eat them immediately.


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