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White Sheepdog

White Sheepdog

All German shepherds, including the white shepherd, have a highly developed intellect. These intelligent dogs with a balanced character will never betray their owner, but will always help in difficult times.

The White Sheepdog belongs to the group of sheepherders and cattle drivers.

Country of Origin: They are descended from the German Shepherd Dog, but have been further bred in the United States and Canada. Ultimately, they were incorporated in Switzerland and can be found under the name of Swiss White Shepherd

Current and Original Tasks: Sheepdog and Family Dog.

Appearance of the White Shepherd Dog Shoulder height: Males between 60 and 65 centimeters and females between 55 and 60 centimeters.

Head: The White Sheepdog has a wedge-shaped head that tapers towards the nose. The stop is clear. They have a scissor bite.

Body: The White Sheepdog’s body is slightly longer than high. They are well-muscled with a powerful build. The chest reaches to the elbows. The back is straight and strong. The tail is set on deep and reaches at least to the jumps.

Coat: They come in 2 variants, stick hair and the long stick hair.
– stick hair: short coat close to the body.
– long stick hair: Has longer hair around the neck, the back of the legs and on the tail.

Colors: White.white sheepdog

Behavior and character of the White Sheepdog

White Sheepdogs are alert, intelligent and watchful. They bond strongly with their boss and they are generally obedient. Dogs of this breed like to be busy with their people. They are affectionate and want to be part of the family.


The White Sheepdog gets along well with children. You should not expect problems with other dogs. If the dog has had good socialization, the interaction with other pets and cats can be called good.

Intercourse and movement

They have an average exercise requirement. If you walk the dog too little he will get bored. Allow the dog to run and play on a leash. They also enjoy swimming, walking next to the bike and retrieving.

Education of the White Sheepdog

They are intelligent dogs who like to do something for their owner. Because of this, they learn very quickly. In order for the puppy to grow up to be a balanced dog, you must let him come into contact with as many people, animals, and situations as possible.

Puppy info

To purchase a  white shepherd puppy with a pedigree, it is best to first consult a recognized breeder or a breed club. These people are best placed to give you more information about this particular breed of dog.Puppy info

Find beautiful dog names for a Swiss sheepdog. Use a pleasant, but clear call sign. That way you can transfer certain commands easily and clearly during training. This way there will be no misunderstandings and your dog will know clearly what you want from him.


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