Dog Breeds Whether or not to buy a dog?

Whether or not to buy a dog?

Why Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriend

Are you very unsure whether or not you should buy a dog? Are you a good owner or are you afraid that you cannot meet all the requirements of maintaining a dog? It is not for a few weeks, but perhaps for the next 15 years of your life.

Think before you take a dog

Often people initially only see the nice features of a dog, a sweet head, cheerful, a nice addition to the family and a loyal friend. While this is all true, a dog also needs a lot of grooming.

This often means daily combing, keeping nails and teeth, walking at least 3 times a day, going to the vet if necessary and we are not talking about the financial picture. For example, a dog costs on average around 1000 euros per year. Are you getting this financially?

Prevent animal suffering!

Of course, we should not look too negatively about it, but unfortunately, we hear too often that a dog ends up in the shelter, because there has been no good thought in advance.

For example, it is also possible that someone in the family is allergic to dogs or people are away too often so that the dog will feel alone.

Test it with the dog test!

But if you have never had a dog before, how do you know if you are suitable to take a dog? It is important to read in advance what is involved. another possibility is to do the ” Are you ready for a dog test “.

Through this test, you will be presented with 15 to 18 questions that you can easily answer. Then you immediately see how suitable you are to take a dog. Of course, the test is only an indication, but it will get you thinking about some critical questions anyway.

If you are completely suitable, it is of course also nice to see. Critical thinking is therefore not only good for yourself but certainly also for the animal!

Choice for a dog

If you are suitable to buy a  dog, you still have the choice of what breed you will take. There are many types of dogs with their own character traits.

If you already have a breed in mind, you can easily look it up here where you can read everything about the character, the breed characteristics and what care the animal needs.


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