Dog Breeds Walking your dog in the dark with these 7 tips!

Walking your dog in the dark with these 7 tips!

Walking your dog in the dark

Walking your dog in the dark can sometimes be a real adventure for you and your dog! But, did you know that dogs see better in the dark than we humans? In the winter months, the weather gets dark outside faster, making it extra important to stand out. In this article, we give you tips on how to make yourself and your dog stand out and what else you can do to walk the street safely!

Tip 1: Get your dog used to the dark!

Dogs may see better in the dark, but that does not mean that they feel good. They can even be afraid and we can support our dogs in that. You can do this by walking your dog in the dark from puppies or playing outside with him.

If your dog comes into contact with a dark environment at a later age, he can develop fear more quickly. So let him get used to dark and inclement weather and then take the luminous collar to make it visible outside a detour!

Tip 2: Walk with another dog!

If your dog comes into contact with the dark sky at a later time, he may have developed a fear. The challenge now is to show your dog that dark isn’t scary. It is important here not to appear afraid or doubtful. Your dog breeds will recognize this and not trust it. What can help is by walking the exhausting round with a neighbor dog the first few times. Your dog will follow this dog, which will give him more positive experiences and want to get out faster!

Tip 3: Make your dog stand out in the dark!

A dog sees very well in the dark, but we humans sometimes have more difficulty with that. To get your dog more insight of motorists and cyclists, it is wise to illuminate your dog.

Not only is this safe, it’s easy! A dark dog is sometimes difficult to see, so you now always know where your dog is walking. And on top of that; now the neighbor will no longer scare your dog! Do you want to know how you can make your dog more visible?

Tip 4: Make sure you are enlightened yourself!

We can, of course, transform our dogs into real disco dogs, but it is also safe to stand out. Therefore, wear reflective clothing, bring a flashlight or make sure you don’t wear too dark clothes. You can also use a neon-colored dog leash, so you both stand out!

Tip 5: Choose an illuminated route!

You can make things a lot easier if you choose an illuminated route. This will illuminate you with the lampposts around you, making you stand out better. Unfortunately, a completely illuminated route is not always feasible, so it is wise to take a well-lit street.

Tip 6: First try the route in daylight!

Don’t explore new routes after dark. Do that during the day so that you don’t get any surprises in the early morning or late at night. Your dog may be shocked and prefers to quietly explore the area.

Tip 7: Keep your dog on a leash!

Preferably keep your dog on a lead in the dark. Although it is well lit, it can still be difficult for motorists or cyclists to see your dog in time. In addition, more fireworks are set off in the winter months, especially in the dark. This can startle your dog and run away in panic. So make sure you keep your dog on a leash! Do you want to reduce the fear of fireworks in your dog?


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