Bulldog Toilet training a puppy is easy

Toilet training a puppy is easy

Toilet training

Toilet training a puppy is not that difficult, it just takes patience, patience, and more patience. You can best compare a puppy to a baby.

A baby is also not toilet trained immediately after birth. For example, it will take a little longer for one baby than for another. However, this is no different from a puppy.

Punishment does not help and this only makes the puppy afraid and unsure what will manifest in deviant behavior later in life. It is often the fault of the owner who reacts incorrectly if not everything goes according to plan.

The dog is usually 80% house trained with a good breeder, but remember that accidents can always happen.

Don’t expect a puppy or older dog that you just brought home to urinate on command! A new environment is a great adaptation for such a baby dog.

Not only is it suddenly surrounded by strange people, but there are also many new sounds, smells, and stimuli. This can manifest in stress that will cause the puppy to behave differently.English Bulldog

A dog with stress does not always have everything under control. As a result, it may quickly take a few days before it has completely adapted to its new environment. In the meantime, some urine accidents can happen here and there.

In a strange environment, you have to ask the way to the smallest room if you have to pee. This is no different for a puppy, so show him where he can pee.

When does a puppy do its business?

Toilet training a puppy is easyObserve the dog by allowing it to roam freely in your area, so you get a good understanding of its behavior. A puppy who wants to do his / her needs will make certain movements such as running in circles or sniffing for a long time in one specific place if you learn to recognize these signals you can take the puppy outside as soon as you see the behavior. A puppy will usually pass their needs after eating.

The length of the intestines and the size of the dog affects the time between feeding and bowel movements. So after you see the puppy eating you can certainly expect bowel movements within a short period of time.

This interval is always the same. You could adjust your watch to it. The time will lengthen as the dog grows. Keep a close eye on the puppy after eating. Also, keep in mind that some dogs have adopted a ritual to first walk outside without doing their needs.Bernese Mountain Dog

It may be that the puppy wants to go outside after a few minutes. This ritual, therefore, serves to activate the bowel movement more easily. There are dogs that also jump against the wall to lower everything. Please note that some dogs sometimes dare to abuse this in order to get outside.

How do I housebreak a puppy?

As soon as you think your puppy has to do his business, tell him in a friendly tone, “come on, let’s do pipi”. Then stay outside with the puppy until it has done its needs.

So don’t just put the puppy outside because in no time the puppy will be at the door and nothing has happened. Let the dog do his thing and do not give him any attention.French Bulldog

After his need, immediately reward the puppy with a treat. Never reward during his need, but always after.

Dogs are toilet trained by nature, so toilet training your puppy is a matter of encouragement and stimulation! Your task in toilet training is to prevent accidents by giving the puppy enough chance to take it outside, so take the puppy outside often enough so that it learns to do it there.

A good tip is to make a timetable, let the dog out in the morning immediately, then every 2 hours and in between after eating. This is a small effort for a few days that will pay off in the short term.

Toilet training a puppy.

How can you train your dog quickly and easily? If the dog has just arrived, keep the space where you let him run free. Keep it close so that you can easily observe it. Place a few newspapers in each corner and center of that room.

After urinating on one of those newspapers you should reward the puppy. Refresh the newspaper and see where it pees after a while.Yorkshire

After a day you take away some of the never-used newspapers. After two days you always reduce the number of newspapers, so you limit the puddles.

Once you are successful in urinating in the same newspaper, you start sliding the newspaper one meter to the outer door. Try to go outside with the dog every two hours during this training.

If he does not want to pee outside, always take a newspaper outside. This way you make the puppy aware that he can also pee on a newspaper outside. Always take a different place nearby!

Instead of a newspaper, you can also use cheap bath mats (with rubber on the bottom). You can wash this out. Make sure that the dog does not need to use other mats in the house.

Dogs sometimes are difficult and always want to urinate against trees or bushes. If you want to avoid this, it is best to place a water pole in the garden. That should not mean much, a big stick in the ground is more than enough.

Another way is the direct approach

If you don’t like newspapers at home, you can also opt for the direct approach to toilet training your puppy. This method is a bit more difficult and requires a lot of observation from the puppy.

If necessary, use toilet pants, this is a kind of pamper for dogs. Read all about the direct approach to toilet training your puppy here.


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