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Srpski gonic

The Srpski gonic is also known as the Serbian dog. The breed is from Yugoslavia. They grow on average 48 cm and weigh about 20 kg. They are really hunting dogs. They need a lot of exercises, when the hunting season is over, it is important that these dogs can use their energy so a good owner-dog relationship is very important!

General view

Breed characteristics

They are known for hunting, so they love to do this. The ears hang next to the head, the tail is narrow and often carried down. They are dogs with good stamina and exercise is something they prefer to do all day. The hunting season is the best time of year for these dogs because they can go completely crazy.


The breed has a good character, hunting is something they like to do and they do everything for it. They are also very loyal dogs, you can already see this if you look at the dogs in the eye. They can be very affectionate, but with children you should always pay attention, they are mainly hunting dogs, but they can also be a companion dog but always socialize them well.

Usage / functions

Hunting is part of this breed. They are really hunting dogs.


They need plenty of exercises, hunting is really part of the Srpski gonic. Even outside the hunting season, plenty of exercise is important for these dogs.


The care is minimal because the coat is very short.

Dealing with children

It is important to let the Srpski gonic get used to children if they are not used to them, good socialization plays a major role in this.


The breed originates from Yugoslavia and they are real hunting dogs. They probably descend from the Asian tracking dogs.



The dogs are firmly on the legs, they weigh about 20 kg and are about 48 cm tall. They are very flexible dogs and also very fast. They have good stamina, they have a real hunting stature.


The coat color is mostly black, with brown. The back is often pitch black and then it slowly turns into brown.

Height at the withers

The height at the withers is 48 cm on average in the male and female, but often the females are slightly smaller.


The eyes of the Srpski gonic are dark in color, they can look very affectionate and sweet.


The coat is short and therefore not much care is needed, only brushing is recommended during the moulting period.


The tail is narrow and often carried down. Depending on the dog’s position.


Hunting is very important for the Srpski gonic. The hunting season is, therefore, the most beautiful period of the year for them.


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