smartest dog breeds

Just like humans, there are smart and less smartest dog breeds.

A dog is born with a certain capacity to learn things.

So how well and how easily he or she can learn something also seems to have something to do with the breed.

For example, there are dogs breeds that are very suitable for carrying out certain activities.

Let’s list our smart four-legged friends and see what it costs to buy a puppy.

We list smartest dog breeds

With dot on 1: The Border Collie

The Border CollieGlobally, the clever minds agree that the Border Collie is by far the smartest dog breed.

The originally British breed was once bred for herding sheep but can do much more than that.

it is a medium-sized dog that has a good dose of energy.

The border collie needs a lot of exercises and likes to work for his owner.

This dog breed must be able to use its energy.

Whoever chooses a border collie automatically chooses long walks and ball games to use the energy of his or her four-legged friend.

A purebred border collie puppy costs between 400 and 900 euros.

Unexpectedly at 2: The poodle

The poodleThe Poodle is not only an affectionate, cuddly curly bun but what many people don’t know is that the Poodle is also among the smartest dog breeds in the world.

This dog breed is available in all sizes.

From large and stately king poodle to the miniature poodle and the smallest toy poodle, the intelligence is spread over the entire width of the breed.

The poodle is not only smart but also very social.

So social, in fact, that a lot of poodles don’t like to be home alone.

Something to take into account perhaps? However, the small toy poodle fits with a height of about 25 centimeters in almost any handbag.

Because there are many types of poodles, prices also vary.

The larger poodle types cost about 750 to 1500 euros.

A miniature poodle puppy costs around 450 euros and the small toy poodle costs around 800 euros.

A friend at 3: The German Shepherd

The German ShepherdIt was almost impossible that the German Shepherd would also be in our list.

This breed, if properly trained, is one of the most obedient dogs.

It is precisely this characteristic that has led to the sheepdog being used for all kinds of tasks.

It used to start herding herds of cattle, from which the breed also takes its name.

Nowadays they are often used as police dogs.

The German Shepherd is a loyal dog who likes to protect his owner.

A justified third place for this four-legged friend.

For a German Shepherd puppy, you pay between 600 and 1200 euros.

Tolerance and patience at 4: The Golden Retriever

The Golden RetrieverThe golden retriever is a very popular breed, and for good reason.

This dog is perhaps the most gentle, the most patient and the most tolerant of all dog breeds.

Even though these lobbes were once bred for hunting, he didn’t have to do more than lookup and return the tipsy game.

Due to its characteristics and its very gentle character, the Golden Retriever is also ideal as an assistance dog, a guide dog for the blind or as a loyal pet in a family with young children.

Due to its popularity, a golden retriever costs at least 800 euros, but usually still a bit more than that.

Stately at 5: The Doberman

The DobermanThis four-legged friend is often misjudged.

The Doberman scares some people with his stately, slender body and big mouth full of teeth.

In the past, dog owners tried to make them look even more terrifying by docking the tail and the floppy ears.

Fortunately, that is no longer allowed and the Doberman looks a lot friendlier nowadays.

You might not expect it, but the Doberman is a good family dog.

The dog breed is known for loving children.

Good education and socialization are important.

So the Doberman is a smart, studious dog that is much more social than many people think.

For a puppy that will grow into a stately Doberman, you will soon pay 1100 euros or more.

Glee at 6: The Sheltie or in full: The Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland SheepdogThe sheltie is a happy jump in the field.

They have a delighted character and are immediately reminiscent of a smaller version of the Scottish collie in appearance.

The sheltie has also been traditionally bred as a shepherd of herds of cattle.

Mostly sheep.

So it is a dog breed that needs a lot of exercise.

Because the sheltie is very focused on his owner, they can sometimes be a bit shy and reluctant to strangers.

However, that doesn’t make the sometimes headstrong sheltie any less fun.

Sheltie puppy costs about 1000 euros.

A loyal boob at 7: The Labrador

The LabradorAs the golden retriever in our list, the labrador could hardly be missed.

The labrador has a character very similar to the golden retriever.

The breed is smart and learns quickly.

This gentle dog is ideal for family life.

The labrador is loyal to the whole family.

The Labrador likes a lot of exercise and does not hesitate to jump into a pond or a lake every now and then.

A labrador puppy costs between 650 and 900 euros.

Small but smart at 8: The Papillon or the Butterfly Dog

The Papillon or the Butterfly DogThis smaller breed became known as a dog at the court of the French kings.

This smart little dog likes to be close to his owner.

This breed has a cheerful and cheerful character, loves movement and therefore a long walk.

The dog hectically to his owner and the family but can often demand attention.

A butterfly dog ​​puppy costs about 900 euros.

Robust and wide at 9: The rottweiler

The rottweilerThe rottweiler is known as a watchdog and fighting dog in ancient Rome.

As a result, this four-legged friend may have a bad reputation, but this lobbes is better and easier to train than people think.

The Rottweiler protects his family and home, but is actually a sweet little thing especially when you raise this smart dog well.

You can buy a Rottweiler puppy for around 750 euros.

Another cattle dog at 10: The Australian cattle driver

The Australian cattle driverThis dog breed is bursting with energy.

So they must be able to run and play well.

This energy bomb can therefore appear nervous and busy.

The Australian cattle driver is very loyal to his owner, likes to work and is smart enough to learn everything.

The puppy of an Australian cattle driver soon costs around 800 euros.

Royalty at 11: The Welsh Corgi

The Welsh CorgiThe English queen’s favorite dog breed is the corgi.

The corgi is a low, small dog.

This little powerhouse likes to work.

This breed can drive livestock and aid in hunting and requires a lot of exercise.

The dog’s head sometimes seems a little too big for the body, but that’s typical of a corgi.

The breed is smart, easy to train, but cocky from time to time.

A corgi costs an average of 600 euros.

A fun guy at 12: The Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature SchnauzerThe miniature schnauzer is a terrier.

A little stubborn and the breed naturally has a hunting instinct.

A Schnauzer is a great family dog, but he should get to know strangers first.

They are active, affectionate and make excellent watchdogs.

For a schnauzer puppy, you have to pay between 700 and 900 euros.

A British Hunter at 13: The English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer SpanielThis breed used to be bred purely for hunting.

The English Springer Spaniel is one of the oldest hunting dog species.

It is indeed a good jumper that used to jump its prey.

However, it is also a good family dog ​​but not so much a lap dog.

A puppy costs about 850 euros.

A Belgian cousin of the German Shepherd at 14: The Tervuren Shepherd

The Tervuren ShepherdAnother smart and workable dog breed.

The Tervuren shepherd is a Belgian sheepdog.

This dog breed must know its place in the family from an early age.

Then it is also the ideal family dog.

Education is therefore also important in this breed.

The Tervuren shepherd is very attached to his master.

The breed is known for its playfulness.

A puppy unloads around 800 euros.

Another Belgian at 15: Het Schipperke

Het SchipperkeAlso number 15 on our list originates from Belgium.

The Schipperke is a small dog species.

Traditionally, this little dog was also bred for herding sheep.

Due to its small size, it also kept the ships free from rats and mice.

The dog is agile, curious, but also likes to bark.

You can buy a puppy for about 500 euros.

Important to know

The prices of the puppies are always guidelines.

How expensive your puppy has to do with whether the parents were ‘famous’ champions and so on.

It is certainly not the case that the most expensive breeder always delivers the best puppies.

So always try to find reviews before visiting a breeder.

Obviously, a dog’s intelligence is by no means the most important thing.

For example, at our home, we are very happy with our sweet King Charles Spaniel and our Shitzu mix.

Even though they are not on this list.

In addition, the list is never complete, because there are many other breeds that can certainly compete for a position in this list, such as the Australian Shepherd.


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