Dog Breeds Pyrenean sheepdog

Pyrenean sheepdog

Pyrenean sheepdog

The Pyrenean Sheepdog is a dog breed that comes from France. It is a small dog that likes to take initiatives, it is a quirky breed, they need a firm approach and they have to be able to use their energy well every day. The dogs are on average 48 cm tall and the bitches somewhat smaller, up to 46 cm but often much smaller.

General view

Breed characteristics

The dogs are known for the hard approach they need in the education, they are very quirky dogs, they like to go out themselves so if you want to train them well you have to be consistent. Then the dogs are very pleasant to deal with, the dogs are often suspicious of strangers, but they protect their own family well.


The character of the dog can be difficult if you are not consistent because the Pyrenean sheepdog is quirky and like to take initiative themselves. If you are clear to them from the start, there is nothing to worry about, but you have to be able to manage the energy of the dogs well, otherwise, you can get frustrated because the Pyrenean Shepherd dog is full of energy that he really does every day must be able to say.

Usage / functions

They are dogs that like to move a lot, fine house dogs if you have found them well.


Need a lot of exercise. So plenty of walking and running.


The care of the coat consists of brushing.

Dealing with children

They can be nice to children, but you have to make sure that the dog does not boss over the children because they have a will of their own.


Like moving dogs, also suitable as companion dogs and from France.



The dogs are not that big, maximum 48 cm for the male, the female 46 cm. The ears are upright and the tail is carried down.


The color of the coat is variable, white, black, brown, gray, it can all occur.

Height at the withers

The height at the withers of the male is a maximum of 48 cm and the females 46 cm.


The dogs’ eyes are dark in color and very expressive.


The dogs’ coat is long-haired and should be brushed.


The Pyrenean Sheepdog’s tail is carried down.


They are energetic dogs that need a strict owner and then everything is fine because then they can discharge a large amount of energy in a responsible manner.


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