Dog Breeds How to Train a Puppy – Puppy training: Tips & Tricks

How to Train a Puppy – Puppy training: Tips & Tricks

puppy training

For your new puppy, the world is still new and full of surprises, you will show it to him and teach him what you want and don’t want. Rules that people put on their dogs differ from family to family, but most people agree on the following: pooping and peeing should be done outdoors.

You want to housebreak your puppy as soon as possible, but how ..

It starts with the breeder

The first step should already be taken by the dog breeder. Dogs are clean animals by nature and will avoid contaminating their sleeping area if given the chance. The breeder must, therefore, ensure that they are given sufficient space and that this space is also cleaned up. The dogs often have a newspaper corner that is changed regularly.

When picking out your puppy training, pay attention to how clean the litter looks like, poor hygiene can not only lead to illness, but also make house training your puppy more difficult.

At home you prevent accidents and reward good behavior

Once your puppy is home, the trick is to prevent accidents and reward good behavior.

Make sure your puppy goes outside regularly to do something. At least after eating, after playing, after sleeping and at the beginning every hour. In addition, try to pay attention to your puppy, is he sniffing or spinning around? Then there is a good chance that he will have to do his business. Dogs often automatically hold their pee as soon as you pick them up. So if you see something coming quickly grab your puppy training and put it where he can do his needs.

If you want to take a rest yourself, it is useful to put the puppy in its crate . Not only will he make more effort to keep his own sleeping place clean, but he will also no longer have to ‘have to’ again because he moves less and the bladder is stimulated by that movement. Do you have a puppy that urinates in the crate? Then try whether the crate helps to reduce the size, for example by placing a large sturdy box in it.

Toilet training on the flat

Do you live in an apartment? Then you may have to do the toilet training slightly differently. Of course, you can still just take your puppy outside because as long as you wear it he can often keep his pee on. But if you don’t mind rushing up and down the stairs several times a day, there is another option.

Toilet training

Special indoor toilets are available for dogs . You have variants where you put sheets of a diaper-like material, and toilets that you fill with granules. You have to change sheets in their entirety, while you can scoop away the clumped spots with granules. Pay attention to the character of your dog, some dogs love digging, and grains may be less suitable.

As soon as the dog gets older and has to go to the toilet less times a day, you can of course still teach him to go outside, by taking him outside every time he walks to the toilet and then rewarding him lavishly when he is there. needs.

The outdoor pee routine

If you have taken your puppy outside because it is time again, or because he indicated he had to, it is useful to be immediately clear about the desired toilet habits.

Little White Dogs

For example, if you always let your dog play first and you take him back in after the poo or pee, you can teach him to keep his need as long as possible so that he can play outside. It is therefore useful to go outside for a minute with your puppy on a leash, without playing. If he does his needs within this minute, you can reward him as soon as he has done his needs and let go if possible , or at least play and make a little longer round. If he still hasn’t made a pee or poo after a minute, just take it back in and try again a while later.

Pee on command?

Some people choose to teach the dog to urinate on command. This can be useful, for example, if you think you will travel a lot with your dog , so that he actually pees during the stop. When choosing a command, think about whether you dare to give it when other people are watching. Another point to consider is that you don’t want to choose something other people might accidentally say, such as “go ahead” because they want a dog to go through the door.

Pee on command

To put urination on command, pay attention when your dog starts. Once it starts, give the command and reward it when it’s done. After about twenty times you can try to give the command a little earlier, for example if your dog is sniffing on a lawn. If this works, you keep giving the command just a little earlier, until your dog pees as soon as you give the command. If this does not work, repeat the previous step a few more times.

Cleaning accidents

Is it going wrong sometimes? That can happen and does not have to be bad at all, as long as you respond well to this. Do not pay attention if your puppy pees indoors, completely ignore it. Because, also, friendly talking can feel rewarding for the puppy, and getting angry can be counterproductive. For example, if you punish your puppy for accidentally making it in a puddle of shit, he can learn not to do his business when you watch, which makes toilet training even more difficult.

Cleaning accidents

Take your puppy outside to make sure it has done everything, then place it where it cannot reach its accident. Then clean it up yourself.

Make sure you use a cleaning agent that really removes all odors. The dog nose is much stronger than ours so that we think it smells fresh does not mean anything. As soon as there is a urine smell somewhere, it is inviting for the puppy to urinate again in that place. Here you can find special cleaning products.

Dog is not toilet trained

If your dog is not toilet trained, there may be a medical or psychological reason behind it. For example, a dog with cystitis simply cannot keep its pee on. If it is not possible to toilet train your puppy, or if he was toilet trained and you suddenly experience a relapse, it does not hurt to consult with a vet.

How to toilet train a puppy

A psychological reason may be that the dog does so-called humble pee. If a dog is startled or very submissive, it can run its pee. This can be solved by approaching your dog differently and making it more secure. A behavioral therapist can help you with that.

Males may urinate indoors to delineate their territory, this may also be due to uncertainty about their place in the home and sometimes arises when another dog comes to live in the home or the surrounding area, or when there are bitches in heat nearby. For this problem, it is also useful to contact a good behavioral therapist.

Online course

This article already contains a lot of information about toilet training your puppy training, but in my online course, I will go deeper into this topic (and all others) and help you to prevent or solve problems. There are also handy schedules that you can use. If you are interested.


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