Bulldog Pomsky – Cross between Pomeranian and Husky

Pomsky – Cross between Pomeranian and Husky


Pomsky does not have a long history, it is still a very young and new breed of dog. A nice dog with a great appearance, which you immediately fall in love with.

Cross between Pomeranian and Husky

One puppy will look more like a Husky and the other like a Pomeranian. This gives you a choice of different colors of the coat, the eyes, the size, etc.

Naturally, the character traits of both breeds are also present. You do not know in advance which traits will predominate those of the Husky or the Pomeranian.Cross between Pomeranian and Husky

As with the character of both parents, health problems can be present, because it is a cross of two breeds.

two breedsBefore purchasing, delve into both the Husky and Pomeranian varieties. Dental problems can be prevented by a regular dental cleaning.

Furthermore, hip dysplasia, allergies, knee, eye, and heart problems can occur.

A funny dog ​​with an expressive face

funny dog ​​with an expressive faceBoth the appearance and his manners make this dog a funny animal. Irresistible when viewing a litter of this dog breed. Do NOT look if you do NOT plan to buy a dog.

A sight in the litter and you are sold and you will soon (if the puppy is old enough) get a Pomsky as a roommate.

As a puppy it is a nice fluff ball on legs

PomskyThis fluff ball is so cute to look at! Malicious breeders like to look into this, pay attention to where you buy this dog! An adoption is also an option, in that case, focus on a reception center, for example.

The eyes make you melt

eyes make you meltIn 2017, this breed was one of the most popular dogs. Everyone wanted such a cute dog. However, not everyone can bear the responsibility that this breed also entails.

The dog likes to have a lot of attention, realize that before you make the purchase.

Can cope well with the cold due to the thick and dense coat

The thick and dense coat ensures that they can withstand the cold. You can choose from various coat colors, as is the case with the original Pomeranian and Husky breeds.

They do the weirdest antics

weirdest anticsAs if they know that their behavior draws attention from the housemates! You will be amazed at what these dogs do to win over their owner.

You can reverse this behavior (which in the long run can be experienced as very annoying) by deciding for yourself when to play and walk.

Sufficient exercise ensures that this dog can also be calm in the house. Put toys away after playing!

You can keep this breed even on an upper floor

If you give the dog enough exercise, an upper floor is fine, although a garden is always more pleasant.

The enthusiasm is enormous

enthusiasm is enormousPlaying is their lust and their life and they seem to be tireless in their play. In addition to games for physical fatigue and energy consumption, thinking games can also be used for this intelligent dog to stimulate and tire them mentally.

A good vacuum cleaner for the many hairs is certainly not superfluous with this dog at home

The thick, fluffy and soft coat can cause a lot of hair disturbance. Good coat care is important and will somewhat reduce this problem, but unfortunately, it will not prevent it.

Brushing teeth and cutting nails is part of the regular care

regular careDental problems, to which this breed is prone, can often be largely prevented by good dental care. It is also important to keep the nails short.

A regular haircut is necessary. Can you do this yourself? If not, a grooming salon can help.

Although the dog looks like a teddy bear, you should teach small children how to treat this housemate well and respectfully

Small and playful, the Pomsky will avoid little dashing children if not managed properly.


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