Dog Breeds Podengo Português or Portuguese Podenco

Podengo Português or Portuguese Podenco


The  Podengo Português is a passionate hunting dog that is good at tracking, retrieving and hunting rabbits, rats, deer and wild boars. The Podengo Português get along well with children, which makes them a good family dog. The Podengo Português is best suited for sporty people because this hunter needs a lot of exercise. They are cheerful and very social. This dog breed is classified as a greyhound and is nicknamed ‘Portuguese Rabbit Dog’.

Podengo Português

Podengo Português belongs to the group of Spiers and Primal types.

Country of Origin: Portugal

Use: Hunting Dog

Temperament: Intelligent, Lively, Active, Friendly, Cozy, Tough

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years

Breed description and history of the Podengo Português

The Podengo Português is a dog breed that comes from Portugal. This hunter is classified as a greyhound and comes in three sizes. An animal grows between 20 and 70 centimeters high. The larger dogs are used for hunting and the smaller dogs as a family dog. All three formats have a short-haired (pêlo liso) and a rough-haired variant (pêlo cerdoso). The Podengo Português belong to the breed group of the Primitive Hunting Dogs. However, they are also used as a watchdog. Apart from the height at the withers, the variety description is almost identical.

Portuguese Podenco
Portuguese Podenco

The smooth-haired Podengo Português has been present in Portugal since the fifth century, but the wire-haired type was only created in the twentieth century by a cross. Podengos were used for game hunting. The small type of dogs hunted rabbits and the medium and larger dogs were used for deer and boar hunting. The small dogs were used as a rat catcher on Portuguese ships.


The Podengo Português is lively, observant and reliable. Due to their alert nature, they are good watchdogs that you can certainly rely on. Within the family, they adapt well and are good with older children and other animals. While sympathetic, they make excellent watchdogs to warn their families to bark.

Intercourse and movement

To prevent these dogs from getting bored, it is important that they get enough exercise and training. As with all hunting and greyhounds, exercise is paramount. These dogs need a very sporty owner who has enough time to take long walks of at least an hour a day. They think running is fair. You will find them in certain branches of dog sports such as agility, fly-ball, hunting or dog dance.

Due to their primitive nature, the Podengo Português is not recommended for the novice dog owners, nor is it recommended for apartment life. They require a securely fenced yard where they can play and romp freely. Please note, these dogs can jump high and also dig well. Therefore, the fence must be at least 4 to 6 meters high and also be buried.

Training and educating the Podengo Português

These lively, active, intelligent and modest dogs are easy to train into a sporty and excellent house dog. Introduce this Portuguese dog breeds to as many people and dogs as possible from an early age so that they develop into confident and obedient dogs. Let them grow up with children. The Podengo Português requires basic obedience training to begin at an early age.

Podengo Português or Portuguese Podenco
Podengo Português or Portuguese Podenco

These dogs are sensible and good students who should be raised consistently but with a gentle hand. Once the command ‘here’ has been learned they can be left unleashed but will keep an eye on their owner and follow you if they stray. Dexterity training should never start before six months of age to protect their growing bones.

Care of the Podengo Português

The Podengo Português does not need much care. Weekly small brushing to remove dead hair. Pay special attention to the ears. Check the earcups regularly, but do not use cotton wool when cleaning the ears. It is better to use a soft cloth. Daily brushing of the teeth is necessary, this prevents plaque and bad breath.

Coat care of the Podengo Português

Depending on the type of Podengo Português, there are two coat varieties: Smooth or wire-haired. The smooth coat is of medium length and has a hard texture. The wire hair is longer in length, coarse in texture. These two types of coats require relatively little maintenance but must be combed regularly to remove dead hair and also keep it in good condition. It is recommended not to wash these dogs more than four times a year. Frequent washing has a negative effect on the health of the coat.

Health and diseases

This dog breed is quite healthy but prone to the following diseases such as hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Have your dog examined by a vet at least every year.

Podengo Pups

As we wrote earlier, the Portuguese Podenco is not suitable for some people for the following reason. These dogs require a lot of attention because of their sports characteristics. These also do not fit an apartment or a house without a garden. There is also the option of adopting a Portuguese Podenco. You can adopt Portuguese shelter dogs through certain foundations in the Netherlands. It is best to contact one of the adoption employees.

If you go for a Portuguese Podenco puppy, it is best to choose a puppy with pedigree and ask more information about this dog breed from a recognized breeder, a Portuguese Podenco kennel club or breed club. These people are best placed to give you more information about this particular dog breed.

Find beautiful dog names for a Portuguese Podenco. Use a pleasant, but clear call sign. That way you can transfer certain commands easily and clearly during training. This way, no misunderstandings will arise and your dog will know clearly what you want from him.


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