Dog Breeds Perdigueiro português or Portuguese pointer

Perdigueiro português or Portuguese pointer

Perdigueiro português

The Perdigueiro Portugues is a passionate hunting dog that is good at tracking, retrieving and hunting. These are friendly and intelligent. These Portuguese Pointers get along well with children. The Perdigueiro Português is best suited for sports owners because the small game hunter needs a lot of exercises. They are calm and very social, but somewhat prideful towards other dogs. These are real family dogs with the necessary exercise.

Perdigueiro portugues or Portuguese pointer

The Perdigueiro português or Portuguese pointer belongs to the group of standing gundogs, spaniels and retrievers.

Country of Origin: Portugal

Use: Hunting Dog

Temperament: Affectionate, Lively and Calm

Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years

Appearance of the Perdigueiro Portugues

Height: Male: 52–60 cm, Female: 48–56 cm

Weight: Male: 20–27 kg, Female: 16–22 kg

Colors: Yellow and brown, plain or with markings

Origin of the Perdigueiro Português or Portuguese pointer

The Portuguese Pointer comes from the Iberian Peninsula and is descended from the old Peninsular Pointing Dog, a common ancestor of other pointer dogs. Like most Portuguese dog breeds, the Perdigueiro Português is of Spanish origin.

These dogs were used for hawk hunting centuries ago. Some claim that the extinct Podengo de Mostra was the old prototype of this Portuguese Pointer. These dogs are said to have been bred in royal and noble kennels and used in falconry.

In the 16th century, they were called perdigueiro. “Perdiz” stands for the Portuguese name for partridge. This name is often used by ordinary people. Breeders and hunters began to pay more attention to this breed in the early 20th century.

Character of the Perdigueiro Português

When it comes to the Perdigueiro Portugues, we are talking about a very friendly and intelligent dog breed. These dogs love to hunt and retrieve. These are wonderful companion dogs for sporty owners who love sports and walking.

This Portuguese Pointer is very sweet to children and gets along well with them. They like it when they are allowed to play together and thus lose their energy. This dog is extremely fond of other people, but sometimes aggressive towards other dogs.

Physical characteristics of the Perdigueiro Portugues


The head is in good proportion with the body. Not bony or coarse. The skin is loose, without folds. The front view of the head is square, seen from the side, rectangular. Clear stop. Large, well-shaped and well-open nostrils. The bridge of the nose is long, sufficiently wide and flat. The jaws are moderately developed and well placed.

The lips hang, without folds. Clearly stop closer to the nose than the occipital protuberance. Almost flat skull, slightly curved when viewed from the side. The occipital protuberance is barely visible. The dogs are solidly built, also wider in front than behind. They have a firm chest. The ears hang next to the head and the tail is carried down.


The eyes of these dogs are almond-shaped and dark in color. The eyes are full and big; different shades of maroon, preferably dark. Oval and not deep. The eyes have a lively expression. The ears are medium long and wide, thin, soft and covered with fine, very short hair.

Much wider at the roots than at the rounded ends. The ears are flat, set high and hanging. The neck is straight, not very thick, rather long, with little dewlap. Body: high and wide, the lower chest at elbow height. The withers are not too high, the back short, wide and straight; short loins, very broad and well-muscled. Short and well-filled flanks.


The coat of these dogs is very short, the hairs are also close together and they, therefore, require little care. On the head, the coat is very fine, but hard.


Usually shortened at the third vertebra. Straight, set moderately high, thick at the root and gradually tapering towards the tip. The tail of these dogs is long, hairy and carried down.

Intercourse and movement

The Perdigueiro Português is utterly friendly and affectionate, hardy, capable of great stamina and dedication. Quiet and very social, but somewhat prideful towards other dogs. Take long walks with the Perdigueiro Português and let him play and romp on a leash. They really like it when they can fetch something. When they get enough exercise, they are calm indoors. These dogs love all kinds of games, fetch, frisbee, etc. They love every activity.

Education of the Perdigueiro Portugues

This breed is very intelligent and likes to work for its owner. This makes it easy to educate. They are sensitive to the intonation of your voice. Always stay consistent and alternate workouts with play.


The coat of these dogs is short, so they don’t need much grooming. Pay special attention to the ears. Check the earcups regularly, but do not use cotton wool when cleaning the ears. It is better to use a soft cloth. Daily brushing of the teeth is necessary, this prevents plaque and bad breath.


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