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Draw in dogs and cats

Ticks in dogs and cats

You have probably discovered a tick in the coat of your dog or cat. A small scary animal with furry legs that sucks...
Maltese Dog

Maltese | Character | Care | Maltese Dog breeds | Dog breeds small

The Maltese dog is extremely lively and playful. They are true companion dogs that love people and like to stay close to them. Some...

Bulldog – Bulldogs Dog Breed Information

The Bulldog is a rolling family dog ​​that everyone loves and is suitable for many types of homes because it is so...
Dogs depressed after the corona period

Dogs depressed after the corona period?

Do dogs get depressed after the corona period and how to fix it? How will our dogs react after...
Perdigueiro português

Perdigueiro português or Portuguese pointer

The Perdigueiro Portugues is a passionate hunting dog that is good at tracking, retrieving and hunting. These are friendly and intelligent. These...
Labrador retriever

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever At the end of the 18th century, two types of black dogs were found in Newfoundland: a large one called...
Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

Cao Da Serra Da Estrela

Cao Da Serra Da Estrela puts the family first and will go to great lengths to protect his housemates. This Portuguese dog breed...
Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog or the Cao d’Aqua Portugues

The Portuguese Water Dog or the Cao d'Aqua Portugues is a very obedient breed of dog that likes to interact with relatives...
Help, my dog ​​has osteoarthritis!

Help, my dog ​​has osteoarthritis!

Just like people, (older) dogs can also suffer from my dog has osteoarthritis. The cartilage between the joints becomes rougher and thinner in this condition so...
Barbado da Terceira

Barbado da Terceira is Portuguese breed

The Barbado da Terceira is an old Portuguese dog breed that loves human contact. These Portuguese sheepdogs have a strong will and are very...

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