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Medium Poodle

Medium Poodle
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With a weight of 10 kg and a maximum height at the withers, the medium size poodle is just the right size for many dog ​​lovers to go anywhere as a faithful companion.

Poodle in a small size?

Poodles come in four varieties. The medium size poodle comes after the King Poodle / large poodle and is the second-largest variant. The Miniature Poodle (maximum 6 kg) and Toy Poodle (maximum 4 kg) look up to the medium size poodle.

All four variants have the classic poodle standard with the curly poodle coat. There are different coat types. With a frizzy coat, the coat has a fine woolly texture. The coat is then strongly curled and barely bounces when pressed gently by hand.

With a corded coat, the fur forms at least 20 cm long cords. The very luscious hair of the two variants comes in seven colors: black, brown, silver, white, reddish fawn, black and tan, and black and white spotted.

A seductive all-rounder for centuries

All four variants are descended from water dogs that were used for hunting. They have their roots in the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown. In any case, the word “poodle” testifies to the animal’s affinity with water, as it is said to come from the old German word for “puddle”.

Hunting in the water comes from the basic idea of ​​the typical poodle coat, which originally had a very pragmatic advantage: the longer coat provided protection for the poodle on the forehead, chest, and shoulders.

The hunters shaved it on the other parts of the body so that their companion could swim better in the water. The ancestors of the current medium size poodle weighing 10 to 20 kg were slightly heavier.

Where exactly they come from, from Russia, France or Italy – there is no clarity about that. What is certain is that over the centuries they have been able to win over more and more dog lovers for their cleverness and charm.

However, in the 17th century, the hunters soon chose short-haired dogs over the curly variant. The latter, however, conquered new territory with their beauty and cleverness: the European nobility.

Poodles that were beautifully made were liked in a ladies’ salon. The poodle had evolved from a hunting dog to a companion dog. Because poodles but were smart not only beautiful, many of them occurred in the early 20 century even in circuses, where they showed tricks.

English and French breeding attempts during this time led to important developments in poodle breeding, making the beautiful four-legged friends even more famous. Large and medium size poodles are the oldest varieties of the breed.

They were recognized in 1936 by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Although much poodle history has taken place in Germany, France has since been considered the breed’s country of origin.

Until the 1960s, the three variants – Toy Poodles were only recognized in the 1990s – developed step by step into a fashion dog that was common in Europe.

But then the enthusiasm came to an abrupt end: poodles were soon considered bourgeois fashion dogs. That’s a shame because critics finished their judgments too quickly and overlooked the fun nature, the extraordinary cleverness and last but not least the other hairstyles.

How versatile poodles are, American John Sutor demonstrated in 1976 when he entered the world’s toughest sled dog competition, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, with six large poodles, reaching one of the few. So maybe it is not the breed that is old fashioned, but the opinion that many animal lovers have.

Character dog that is smart and has charm

The classic “lion” model with wrist muffs and crown did not enhance the image of the breed. The owners saw the poodle as an extravagant accessory rather than a companion.

But if you spend some time with a medium-sized poodle, the dusty clichés will disappear faster than snow in the sun: medium-sized poodles are friendly, enjoyable, and enjoy nature activities.

Plus, they bond with their family and are among the smartest dog breeds. Small or large: the medium size poodle generally gets on well with other dogs. Strangers generally leave him cold. The bigger the poodle, the calmer and more thoughtful he is – or so many poodle friends say.

The medium-sized poodle is, therefore, the golden mean: it is slightly more lively than the large poodle that cannot be unbalanced, but quieter than the Toy Poodle and Miniature Poodle.

Exceptions confirm the rule. Medium size poodles also have the advantage that they can go anywhere with their size. To learn more about the character during the purchase of a puppy, it is advisable to also get to know the parents. The hunting instinct with a medium size poodle is usually not very pronounced.

The care of the curly heads

A poodle has an advantage over his coat: he is not in moult. Strictly speaking, however, this is not entirely correct: the loose hairs do not fall out, but remain in the curly coat.

Therefore, you should brush it regularly to remove dead hair. Take the time to groom your dog at least once a week with a coarse-toothed comb and brush.

It is best to separate and brush the fur of your curly head in sections. In particular, the armpits, abdomen, and thighs are sensitive to tangles – so you have to be extra careful here and brush more often if necessary.

The poodle should also be trimmed regularly. This is not necessary for the lion model with wrist muffs and a shaved snout. Everything is allowed what you want and where the dog feels fine. If you have been instructed by a professional, you can also regularly shave with high-quality clippers.

It is best to watch the four-legged friend’s lop every day. Due to the warm humid climate and the curly coat, inflammation can quickly occur here and parasites like to settle here.

Food with a high meat content

Just like any other dog, the medium size poodle needs food with a high meat content – be it wet or dry food. Make sure that meat is at the top of the ingredient list and that the food is little or rather grain-free food.

The puppy should already be used to a fixed feeding place, where he can eat undisturbed. It is best to feed the dog three to four times a day until it reaches six months of age. In older medium size poodles, two meals are sufficient.

It is also important to include sweets and snacks in the daily ration so that your medium size poodle does not get too fat. To care for the teeth of your curly head, you can occasionally give a few pieces of raw beef- never pork! Natural chews such as dried beef ears also support dental care.

Some dog owners get their puppies used to regular brushing with special dog toothpaste – doing this regularly is very effective. Make sure your medium size poodle always has water available.

Competent breeding as the best health precaution

The fact that the poodle lost its status as an absolute fashion dog about 50 years ago has done the breed good because it has not allowed breeding.

Still, there are some things to look out for in a medium size poodle: for example, they can be prone to hereditary eye diseases such as PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) and cataracts – however, there is a non-hereditary variant.

Good breeders exclude affected animals from breeding, especially since PRA can be identified by a genetic test before the outbreak. The precaution is very important because both diseases can lead to complete loss of vision.

Mid-range poodles can also tend to have patellar luxations – with the kneecap slipping out of position and the affected dog sparing its paw. Regular grooming of the ears is also important because the lugs of your medium stroke can ignite poodle. Healthy medium size poodles have a long life expectancy: they can reach 17 years of age.

Studious medium-sized poodle

If you share your house with a medium size poodle, you share it with one of the most intelligent dogs. Not only does he impress with wisdom, but he is also very cooperative and likes to learn with his owner – which makes it a great dog for beginners.

With the medium size poodle, you can take on new challenges and practice tricks, which you can be proud of once they succeed. You just need some patience and consistency.

Start when the dog is still a puppy and then occasionally build in some short and playful educational moments. This makes him want to learn, but you do not demand too much from the young dog who only has a short concentration bow.

Occupation for the talented medium size poodle

A medium-sized poodle is a companion for almost every stage of life: it is a four-legged friend with a medium urge to move, which means that he loves long walks as much as a nice afternoon at home on a drizzly day.

You can also take it with you on horseback rides or when you go cycling. It is important that you slowly let the dog get used to the routes and that you do not exaggerate the pace.

Not only physical movement but also the mental challenge is important: the medium sized poodle likes to perform small tricks and dog sports such as Dog dance.

Some medium size poodles are even suitable for a rescue swimming course. You have to be bored with the smart medium sized poodle!

Is a medium size poodle your dream dog?

Medium Poodles are uncomplicated companions for families with or without children or for young and older singles who like to spend time with their four-legged friends.

They don’t like to be alone for a long time because they like to be around their pack. Because medium size poodles do not lose hair, they are often recommended to allergy sufferers.

But that’s not always easy – allergic family members should seek advice from their doctor and also see if they have an allergic reaction when they are with the breeder.Also arrange childcare for when you go on holiday or get sick.

Because middle-class poodles love the company of the family and can be taken anywhere with ease, you may also be able to go on holiday with your four-legged friend – inquire in advance about possible holiday destinations and dog-friendly hotels.

It doesn’t matter if your medium size poodle is your first dog or not: a good dog school is always good for the socialization and education of the new family member. It is best to look like a dog school before the little pup’s arrival.

Before the arrival of the dog, also remember that you must have enough time and also think about financial obligations. In addition to the purchase amount, you will need basic supplies such as food bowls, collar, leash, dog bed and blanket, comb, brush, mild dog shampoo, car security, toys, and ticks.

Other costs include dog insurance, dog tax, and high-quality food. If you get the dog, the breeder will probably give you a portion of food that the puppy is already used to. You should continue to feed this for a while so that the residence in your house for the puppy does not become even heavier. Also, consider regular vet checks and associated costs.

This is how you will find your medium size poodle!

Any medium size poodle fan can help keep the breed healthy by purchasing the dog from a serious breeder. Serious breeders are affiliated with an association and only deliver the puppies wormed, vaccinated and with pedigree.

In addition, they are happy to inform the buyer about health care, give tips on character and nutrition and are happy if you come to know the parents of your dream puppy.

A serious breeder will also put you to the test – so you should not be surprised about any questions about the living conditions and your experience with dogs. You better be happy that the breeder considers the welfare of the puppy important.

If it is also an older medium size poodle, you can also visit the shelter or special “poodle in need” associations. Just like dogs of other breeds, medium-sized poodles may also be looking for a new home: some have survived their owner or are the “victims” of divorce. In any case, it can be a great experience to give an older medium-sized poodle a new home.

We wish you and your middle-class poodle a great future full of beautiful moments!



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