Dog Breeds 22 Popular Medium Dogs

22 Popular Medium Dogs

medium dogs

Just not small, just not big but a medium-sized dog. There is the ideal dog for everyone. Are you looking for a four-legged friend of about 40cm height at the withers? Then we have the perfect list of medium-sized dogs for you.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle DogSize and weight: 43 – 51 cm & 23 – 27 kg

This loyal and courageous dog is above all a real cattle driver, but no less suitable as a pet. It is a very loyal dog and therefore does not trust others. They are not aggressive by nature but can be provoked. When the introduction goes slowly and is properly supervised, this dog can live together with other dogs.

Australian Shepherd

Australian ShepherdSize and weight: 47 – 60 cm & 22 – 30 kg

The Australian Shepherd is a very neutral dog. He gets along well with strangers (after waiting quietly for a while) and is watchful about his pack. He gets along well with other animals if he knows them from puppy. The Australian Shepherd does not generally need a giant garden, but does take a few long walks a day.


BasenjiSize and weight: 40 – 43 cm & 9 – 12 kg

The Basenji is known as the dog that does not bark. That does not mean that it does not make a sound. He can certainly make sounds and will also use them if he is happy or has done something naughty. It is a very clean dog where you do not suffer from the standard dog odors. The dog is considered to be a hypoallergenic dog.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington TerrierSize and weight: 38 – 43 cm & 8 – 10 kg

The Bedlington Terrier used to be mainly used for hunting, nowadays you will find them more often within a family. This hunting dog gets along well with other animals when introduced early. Be careful with smaller animals as the hunting instinct continues to exist. It is an energetic dog that needs to be able to run from time to time. In terms of care, it is useful to trim it every now and then.

Border Collie

Border CollieSize and weight: 46 – 56 cm & 19 – 20 kg

The Border Collie is very eager to learn and very intelligent. It is the ideal family dog ​​for its obedience. He is very alert, loyal and sensitive. He likes to have another dog around, but preferably from a different breed. Originally it is a real cattle driver, so keep that in mind. Grooming is quite easy, occasional brushing and combing will suffice.

Breton Spaniel

Breton SpanielSize and weight: 47 – 50 cm & 13 – 16 kg kg

This is a real family dog. He gets along well with children, is peaceful, gentle and extremely intelligent. The breed has been developed for hunting, so it has an inexhaustible amount of energy, so you will have to walk a lot with the Concrete Spaniel. You will need to brush it occasionally and give it a bath if necessary. Because the Breton Spaniel is physically busy, he will need good and balanced nutrition.

Chow Chow

Chow ChowSize and weight: 45 – 50 cm & 23 – 32 kg

Independent and committed. That is the best way to describe the Chow Chow. He is incredibly fond of himself and can certainly be loving and playful to his own well-known family. However, it is sometimes more difficult for foreigners. You should let the Chow Chow out every now and then, but it doesn’t need an excessive amount of exercise. His coat does need some attention, so he needs to be combed and brushed regularly.

English Bulldog

English BulldogSize and weight: 30 – 38 cm & 20 – 25 kg

Because of its appearance, the English Bulldog is often used as a watchdog. Not surprising because he will defend his own terrain to the bone. It is a very jealous dog. Still, his temper is quite friendly. He likes to get attention from his owner and shows his sweet side where possible. The English Bulldog is not an easy dog ​​when it comes to grooming. You will need to clean it daily and lubricate petroleum jelly to prevent cracking and chafing.

Finnish Spitz

Finnish SpitzSize and weight: 38 – 51 cm & 14 – 16 kg

The Finnish Spitz is a real everyone’s friend. He gets along well with other pets and children. So an ideal family dog. He has a short coat that will shed once a year. Regular brushing is preferred. In this way, his new coat can come through better.

French Bulldog

French BulldogSize and weight: 28 – 30 cm & 11 – 13 kg

This is definitely the nicest home. The French Bulldog has a cheerful character. He is very intelligent, brave and sweet. Loves company very much, especially his owner. A very nice dog for the family because he likes to have people around him. He has a short and smooth coat, therefore little grooming is required. He will shed once a year. Like all short-nosed dogs, he can have breathing problems.

Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieversSize and weight: 51 – 61 cm & 37 – 40 kg

As the name implies, this dog was bred to pick things up. Previously this was mainly game and poultry, nowadays it is more a ball or other toy. He has a very friendly appearance, is active, adapts well and is also sweet in character. A Golden Retriever is easy to maintain despite its thick coat. Brush it regularly and occasionally check for ticks, fleas, or other skin irritation.

Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water SpanielSize and weight: 51 – 58 cm & 20 – 30 kg

A comical, intelligent family dog. That’s the best way to describe the Irish Water Spaniel. He really wants to belong to the family and is therefore a real addition to the family. Can get along well with other animals if socialization is applied properly. His coat does not require a lot of grooming. Going through his hair with a wide-tongued comb once a week will suffice. This breed does not shed.


KeeshondSize and weight: 44 – 46 cm & 16 – 25 kg

A Keeshond can be a bit stubborn and you will notice that from time to time. Yet it is a real family dog ​​that would like to be part of it. You can teach a Keeshond some tricks, he picks it up quickly. They are very clean in themselves and therefore require little care. In warmer weather it may be necessary to pay extra attention to the care. Extra attention is also required when shedding.


KooikerhondjeSize and weight: 35 – 41 cm & 9 – 11 kg

Kooikerhondje Medium dogs? Yes, the diminutive is completely correct. A real worker, guard and exterminator of vermin. The Kooikerhondje has some trouble with new people, but once the band is closed you have a friend for life. He loves to play and water and can function well within a family. The Kooikerhondje sheds permanently, the bitch sheds just a bit more than the male.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverSize and weight: 42 – 54 cm & 17 – 23 kg

The Medium dogs Toller is a very intelligent, easy to train dog. He can be very quiet inside and at the same time very lively outside when they are allowed to fetch. He is playful and sweet in the family, but reserved with strangers. This is not expressed in aggression. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is very fond of (cold) water and can also tolerate it well because of its coat. This ensures that you have extra work in terms of care. Weekly good combing is preferred and drying well after a long swim is important.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Petit Basset Griffon VendéenSize and weight: 32 – 40 cm & 15 – 20 kg

This Medium dogs from France has a friendly and reliable character. He would like to be everywhere, investigate and be at the forefront everywhere. For the Petit Basset, the more souls, the more joy. It doesn’t matter to him whether they are other dogs or people. The Petit Basset needs a good comb through his hair every week.


PuliSize and weight: 36 – 45 cm & 10 – 15 kg

The Medium dogs Puli immediately stands out for its appearance. It is an intelligent breed that you can train well. He likes to be with his family and therefore cannot be alone. The Puli is very committed to his boss. Taking care of the Puli takes a lot of work. Of course you should not comb the Puli but wash it. His coat holds a lot of dirt and will be taken out with a lot of energy and time.


SchnauzerSize and weight: varies

You may have noticed that we do not attribute size and weight to the Schnauzer Medium dogs. Logical, because there are three breed standards for the Schnauzer. Namely the Miniature Schnauzer, the Medium Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer. We are therefore talking here about the Middle Schnauzer. He is a good natured character and is very loyal to his boss. Very vigilant for his family but does not bark and gets along well with children. The Schnauzer should be brushed and combed regularly. Most breeders recommend trimming at least 3 or 4 times a year.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland SheepdogSize and weight: 33 – 41 cm & 6 – 9 kg

You can play well with this Medium dogs. He likes to engage in dog sports such as agility, flyball and dog dance. It is a smart dog that is loyal to its owner. He may seem a bit timid and reserved to strangers. You can train the Shetland Sheepdog well, but he does have a mind of his own. Good socialization, like any dog, is important. Despite his appearance, he needs little care, just brushing his hair once a week will suffice.

Skye Terrier

Skye TerrierSize and weight: 20 – 25 cm & 12 – 18 kg

Like most dogs, the Skye Terrier was also used for hunting. It is a calm, dignified and courageous watchdog. He can isolate himself within the family, but with the right upbringing, he can become completely absorbed in the family. He remains reserved with strangers. Contrary to what you would expect, it is very suitable for obedience and / or agility training. The care of the Skye Terrier is not too bad, brushing well once a week is enough.

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan TerrierSize and weight: 36 – 41 cm & 8 – 12 kg

The name actually says little because the Tibetan Terrier is a cattle driver from Tibet. He is very easy to interact with famous children, people and other pets. He is watchful and reserved towards strangers. It is best not to leave this dog at home, he does not like that. The Tibetan Terrier is one of the hypoallergenic dogs. The coat should be brushed regularly.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer SpanielSize and weight: 46 – 48 cm & 15 – 25 kg

As befits a spaniel, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is sometimes a bit stubborn. But also in this dog the traits belong obedient, intelligent and docile. In the house they are quiet dogs, but outside they can fully revive and play a lot. They like to swim and can do this pretty well. With good socialization it is quite possible to place a Welsh Springer Spaniel in a family with children.

Found the ideal dog?

Have you found the ideal dog? Make sure you are aware of everything that comes with raising a dog. We may be able to help you with the following interesting articles:


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