Dog Breeds 44 Large Dog Breeds

44 Large Dog Breeds

Large Dog Breeds

Big bigger Biggest! There are many lists on the internet about the largest dog breeds. But the weight differs per breed. The difference between females and males is often large, but the weight can also differ considerably between the males in one dog breed (just as is the case with humans). In America they do know the “Giant dog breeds”, these are the dog breeds that can become heavier than 40 kilograms. The list consists of 44 varieties.


Weight male: 41 – 64 kg
Bitch weight: 34 – 48 kgAkbash

photo: Teddy Llovet / Flickr

The Akbash is a Turkish dog, to be precise from Western Turkey, the Akbaş region. The dog is mainly used as a Mountain Dog, or to protect large herds of livestock against predatory game and thieves. But the Akbash is also occasionally used to float.

Alaska malamute

Male dog: 39 – 45 kg
Bitch weight: 34 – 39 kgAlaska malamute

photo: SCMW / Wikicommons

The Alaska Malamute is a sled dog. The breed is named after an Alaskan Eskimo tribe, the Mahlemuts. This strain has been using the dog for generations to pull heavy-load sleds. The Alaska Malamute is known for being friendly, intelligent and affectionate, but was originally bred to survive on its own. This primal instinct, like his hunting instinct, is always difficult to fully train out.


Weight male: 45 – 79 kg
Bitch weight: 32 -45 kgAkita

photo: B @ rt / Wikicommons

The Akita is originally from Japan. This type of dog has been bred as a bear hunting dog. But in the meantime, the Akita can also be kept as a family dog ​​or watchdog.

American bulldog

Weight male: 32 – 54 kg
Bitch weight: 39 – 59 kgAmerican bulldog

photo: Elad1987 / wiki commons

The American bulldog is most similar to the bulldogs as they originally lived and worked in England. These powerful dogs were used as a watchdog and to drive cattle. The English version of the Bulldog is now a lot smaller and less athletic.

Anatolian shepherd

Weight male: 50 – 65 kg
Bitch weight: 40 – 55 kgAnatolian shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd comes from Turkey. This dog was used to stay outside the herd in summer and winter and watch over it independently.

Dogo Argentino

Weight male: 40 – 45 kg
Bitch weight: 40 – 43 kgDogo Argentino

photo: Christian PInatel de Salvator / Wikicommons

The Dogo Argentino is an Argentinian dog. It is a hunting dog, but it is also used as a watchdog and can be kept as a house dog.

Armenian Gampr Dog

Male dog: 50 – 60 kg
Bitch weight: 45 – 55 kgArmenian Gampr Dog

photo: Gampr1 / Wikicommons

As the name suggests, the Armenian Gampr Dog is from Armenia. The dog often has to work independently in the mountains. The Armenian Gampr dog was bred to protect the livestock.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Weight male: 39 – 57 kg
Bitch weight: 36 – 54 kgBernese Mountain Dog

photo: Kerstin Othello / Wikicommons

Bernese Mountain Dog is originally a Swiss mountain dog. The name also refers to the place “Bern”. The Bernese Mountain Dog has been bred as a herder of livestock, draft animals and watchdogs. Currently one of the most popular domestic dogs in the Netherlands .

Black Russian terrier

Weight male: 50 – 60 kg
Bitch weight: 45 – 50 kgBlack Russian terrier

photo: Guidopatek / Wikicommons

The Black Russian Terrier is also known as “Stalin’s dog”. The Black Russian Terrier has therefore been bred to help the Soviet army over dire conditions.


BloodhoundMale dog: 46 – 54 kg
Bitch weight: 40 – 48 kg

The Bloodhound is a tracking dog. In the past it was mainly used for deer hunting. Today, the bloodhound is often used to track people.


Male dog: 50 – 100 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 100 kgBoerboel

photo: Jeff Vier / Wikicommons

The South African Boerboel was bred to be big and strong! But in addition to being a very good defender, he also has a big heart for his family and children.


Weight male: 34 – 48 kg
Bitch weight: 25 -41 kgBorzoi

photo: Français Anonyme / Wikicommons

The Borzoi is a very old Russian dog breed. This dog belongs to the greyhounds, and is therefore very fast.

Fila Brasileiro

Male dog: 50 – 68 kg
Bitch weight: 41 – 50Fila Brasileiro

photo: Jacekjarz / Wikicommons

Fila Brasileiro is also known as the Brazilian Mastiff. This working dog was originally bred in Brazil. These dogs have quite a temperament. They are very obedient to the boss. They have a very good nose, are watchful and can work independently.


Male dog: 50 – 59 kg
Bitch weight: 45 – 54 kgBullmastiff

photo: Fausto Moreno / Wikicommons

The Bullmastiff is a cross between the mastiff and the English bulldog. It is slightly smaller than the regular Mastiff. By crossing bloodhounds the Bullmastiff also has a very good nose. The dogs were originally bred as a watchdog.

Bully Kutta

Weight male: 64 – 95 kg
Bitch weight: 64 – 95 kgBully Kutta

photo: Nicolas2200 / Wikicommons

The Bully Kutta (or Pakistani Mastiff) comes from Pakistani and is a very popular watchdog there.

Cane Corso

Male dog: 45 – 50 kg
Bitch weight: 40 – 45 kgCane Corso

photo: Kumarrrr / Wikicommons

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed. They are known for being reliable and sporty. He loves his boss, but also independently, and likes to go out on his own.

Caucasian shepherd dog

Weight male: 50 kg
Bitch weight: 45 kgCaucasian shepherd dog

There are three types of Owcharka, the Caucasian owcharka is the largest. The dog is popular in its region of origin: Armenia, Georgia and Cisca. The dog was bred to be a guardian and guardian herd. The dog together with other dogs (without a shepherd) protected the herd from wolves, bears and people who wanted to harm the herd.

Central Asian Owcharka

Weight male: 50 kg
Bitch weight: 40 kgCentral Asian Owcharka

As the name suggests, the Central Asian Owcharka is an Owcharka dog that is especially popular in Central Asia. The owcharka has a calm character, is very confident and makes his own choices. He remains calm even in danger but will attack without warning.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Weight male: 68 kg +
Weight bitch: 57 kg +Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux was originally bred for hunting, but was also used for fighting wolves and dogs. This large dog breed is very strong and courageous and is therefore often still used as a watchdog today.

Doberman Pinscher

Male dog: 40 – 45 kg
Bitch weight: 32 – 35 kgDoberman Pinscher

photo: David Iannotti / Wikicommons

The Doberman Pinscher is popular as a watchdog and family dog. You can do both, because he is strong, intelligent, and friendly. Like any dog ​​that lives in a family, good socialization is essential with a Doberman. The same goes for small dog breeds, but if it goes wrong, the damage in a large dog is many times greater!


Male weight: 68 – 113 kg
Bitch weight: 54 – 91 kgMastiff

The large and heavy Mastiff used to be used as a war dog. Nowadays mainly as a guard dog. They are one of the largest dog breeds in the world, they can weigh over 100 kilograms!

Cão da Serra da Estrela

Male dog: 45 – 60 kg
Bitch weight: 35 – 45 kgLarge Dog Breeds

photo: Traceywashere / Wikicommons

The Cão da Serra da Estrela (Estrela mountain dogs) originates from the Portuguese mountain range of the same name. It is a herd of protection dogs, who boldly defends its territory against wolves, bears and cattle thieves.

German dog

Weight male: 50 – 80 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 80 kgGerman dog

photo: Jon Hurd / Flickr

The Great Dane is not the heaviest dog in the world, but it is the dog with the highest height at the withers. A Great Dane is therefore in the Guinness Record book, namely Zeus . He measured 112 centimeters from leg to shoulder. The Great Dane used to be used to hunt bears, boars and deer. They were able to kill these animals independently. After the driving hunts stopped, the dog became a dog for the enthusiast. Meanwhile they are perfect to keep as a family dog. Of course, it also applies here that good socialization is essential, a bite of a Great Dane has far more consequences than one of, for example, a poorly behaved Chihuahua!

Pyrenean mountain dog

Weight male: 50 – 55 kg
Bitch weight: 36 – 41 kgPyrenean mountain dog

photo: eartSpoon / Wikicommons

The Pyrenean mountain dog dates from the 15th century. Then he worked mainly as a watchdog in the castles in the Pyrenees. He was also used as a herd dog, mainly to protect them from wolves. Today, the Pyrenean mountain dog is primarily a family dog. They are sweet to children, but have of course retained their wakefulness. If someone comes to the family, they come to him. They are quite intelligent, and not as docile as a shepherd, for example. They are used to working independently, so they will not always listen well.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Male dog: 60 – 70 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 60 kgGreat Swiss Mountain Dog

Large Swiss Mountain Dog is similar to the Bernese Mountain Dog, but with a short coat and slightly larger. They are originally domestic dogs, and are generally very good with children and other animals.

Irish Wolfhound

Male dog: 60 – 70 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 60 kgIrish Wolfhound

photo: Tirwhan / Wikicommons

The Irish Wolfhounds are one of the oldest dog breeds, the history of this breed goes back as far as 1400 BC. Originally a hunter ‘on sight’, but nowadays mainly used as a domestic dog. Despite their size, they are very sweet dogs who want nothing more than to spend the day with the family.


Male dog: 50 – 63 kg
Bitch weight: 41 – 59 kgKangal

photo: Tibilou / Wikicommons

The Kangal is one of the three varieties of the Anatolian Shepherd, a dog breed from Turkey. The other two are the Akbas and the Karabas. The Kangal is pale yellow with a mask. Originally, the Kangal is a mountain dog, accustomed to stay outside the herd in summer and winter and watch over it independently.


Weight male: 50 – 60 kg
Bitch weight: 40 – 50 kgKomondor

photo: Nikki68 / wiki commons

The Komondor is a sheepdog from Hungary, it has been around since the 16th century. The Komondor is primarily used as a guard dog for the home and yard, or defensive dog for the flock. This is also reflected in the character, they are independent, dominant, brave, and watchful. They can also be suspicious of strangers. Good education of the Komondor is therefore essential. Not a beginner dog breed.


Male dog: 48 – 62 kg
Bitch weight: 37 – 50 kgKuvasz

The Kuvasz also comes from Hungary. This dog was mainly used as a herd guard dog. The Kuvasz is even more independent than the Komondor, and here too it is absolutely not a dog for beginners.

Landseer ECT

Male dog: 65 – 80 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 70 kgLandseer ECT

ECT in the name of the Landseer stands for “European Continental Type.” The Landseer is very similar to the Newfoundlander, except for the color, f course, the Landseer is white with black spots. This large strong dog was used, among other things, as a draft animal and rescuing drowning people. They are therefore crazy about water! The Landseer can easily be kept as a house dog.


Male dog: 54 – 77 kg
Bitch weight: 45 – 61 kgLeonberger

photo: Kurre92 / wiki commons

The Leonberger is named after the German town of Leonberger, here the breed was created by crossing St. Bernard, Newfoundland and Pyrenean mountain dogs. They are real family dogs.

Mastino Napoletano

Weight male: 60 -70 kg
Bitch weight: 50 – 60 kgMastino Napoletano

photo: Tim Dawson / Flickr

The Mastino Napoletano is one of the oldest known dog breeds. It is said that the dog was bred in the time of Alexander the Great. The Mastino Napoletano is calm and very balanced in nature. Raising the Mastino Napoletano requires a special approach, which will only be successful if the owner has acquired sufficient (practical) knowledge of the breed, and can act calmly and confidently.


Weight male: 69 kg
Bitch weight: 54 kgNewfoundlander

photo: DanDee Shots / Flickr

The Newfoundlander is originally from Canada, here these large dogs were used as a sled dog and water dog. They excel especially in waterworks: rescuing people from the r, dragging fishing nets and towing boats. Today, the Newfoundland is a perfect family dog ​​(provided your house is large enough and you have enough money for a lot of food!).

Mastín del Pirineo

Male dog: 70 – 90 kg
Bitch weight: 70 – 80 kgMastín del Pirineo

photo: TBjornstad / Wikicommons

The Mastín del Pirineo, also known as the Pyrenean Mastiff, comes from the Spanish Pyrenees. This type of dog had to guard the herd, even without the shepherd present. The Mastín del Pirineo is an extremely gentle, people-friendly dog. He is generally very calm, watchful, noble and intelligent. He is also very brave and has overwhelming stamina. They need a lot of space.

Rafeiro do Alentejo

Weight male: 50 kg
Bitch weight: 45 kgRafeiro do Alentejo

The Rafeiro do Alentejo is a sheepdog from Portugal, which can also be used for hunting big game.

Rhodesian Ridgeback (Pronkrug)

Weight male: 40 kg
Bitch weight: 32 kgRhodesian Ridgeback (Pronkrug)

photo: Hirode / Wikicommons

The Rhodesian Ridgeback, also known in the Netherlands as Pronkrug, Rhodesian rump back, Rifrug or Lion dog, is a dog breed native to southern Africa. Originally, the Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred for hunting big game like lions, as well as guarding humans and his home. Characteristic of course is the show on the back, a strip of hair on the back that grows against the direction of the hair.

This is present from birth. It is clear that we are dealing with a strong dog breed, so a lot of exercises is essential for this athlete! Only a block around is guaranteed to cause problems. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is fast becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the Netherlands. They already have an h place.


Weight male: 50 kg
Bitch weight: 45 kgRottweiler

photo: Phil Sandwell / Flickr

The Rottweiler is originally from Germany. They were already used by the Romans to watch, float and fight. The rottweiler is large and powerful. They are used today as a watch, track, sports, rescue and family dog. They are intelligent and enjoy working. They should therefore always have something to do. If you give them enough attention and a good education, they can be a perfect house dog.

Saint Bernard

Weight male: 64 – 120 kg
Bitch weight: 64 – 120 kgSaint Bernard

photo: Benduiker / Wikicommons

The Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds. They are imposing, but very calm and sensitive.


Male dog: 39 – 50 kg
Bitch weight: 35 – 43 kgDeerhound

photo: Hanna Woźna – Gil

The Deerhound is a sighthound from Scotland. They are used as hunting dogs, mainly when hunting deer and wolves. They look a bit like the Greyhound, but a bit heavier and bigger. They are also related to the Irish Wolfhound.

Mastín español

Weight male: 90 -100 kg
Weight bitch: 52 – 77 kgMastín español

photo: Pleple2000 / Wikicommons

Mastín español also known as the Spanish Mastiff. They used to be used as a guard and protection dog for the cattle drivers. Without fear, they battle wolves and bears. But for people, it is a very sweet dog, who loves to cuddle, and if well behaved is very obedient.


Male dog: 35 – 45 kg
Bitch weight: 30 – 40 kgSarplaninac

photo: Urok / Wikicommons

The Sarplaninac is a dog breed originating from the Balkans, they are also called the Macedonian shepherd. Here they are still used today in herding and protecting sheep.

Tibetan mastiff

Weight male: 50 – 70 kg
Weight female: 45 – 60 kgTibetan mastiff

photo: Mimayin / Wikicommons

The Tibetan mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the East. This large dog comes in different colors, especially for the red one they are counted very high amounts. The most expensive dog in the world is also a Tibetan mastiff, for which 1.6 million dollars were paid in China!


Weight male: 35 – 61 kg
Bitch weight: 35 – 61 kgTosa

photo: Gaga999 / wiki commons

The Tosa is originally from Japan, where the dog originated about 150 years ago by crossing native Japanese dogs with different European breeds such as Saint Bernard, mastiff, Great Dane, bloodhound, pointer, bull terrier.

In Japan, the dog was mainly used as a tournament dog, for dogfighting. The Tosa must have the willpower in Japan to fight to the death without whining or howling, although this is not the intention of the ritual of fighting. In other countries, the Tosa is also kept as a domestic dog. The dog is prohibited in Great Britain and Denmark, among others.


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