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The Labradoodle is a cheerful, gentle, and intelligent dog for both humans and animals. It is a dog with a sense of humor and a lot of energy. They are easy to train and very sporty. The Labradoodle has not yet been officially recognized. It is a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador. The Labradoodle combines work ethic and intelligence with a nice appearance. The dog is used as a guide dog for the blind and a companion dog. Before purchasing, let yourself be well informed about the Labradoodle price.

Breed description Labradoodle

Breed descent: Australia

Other breed names: Australian Labradoodle, Labradoodle


Labradoodles come in different types of colors: Labradoodle Lime, Labradoodle Cream, Labradoodle Gold, Labradoodle Apricot, Labradoodle Parchment and Labradoodle Chocolate. There are also two types of fur; the fleece coat and the wool coat. The fleece coat is soft and easy to maintain. This coat can appear curly and also wavy on the Labradoodle. The wool coat requires a little more maintenance, the coat should not be too thick and fall open easily. The Australian Labradoodle should not have an undercoat. The coat hardly sheds or smells.

Hypoallergenic breed

Someone allergic to a dog will respond to the dog’s saliva and coat/dander. The dander is released the moment your dog loses his hair. Labradoodles have a growing coat, so they lose less hair than other dogs and therefore spread less allergens. In addition, the coat of the Labradoodle ensures that the loose hairs remain in the coat. As a result, you will have to brush the coat once a week. Since they do lose hair, you can still get allergic complaints. However, this will be a lot less than a dog that sheds a lot. The hypoallergenic trait only applies to a purebred Australian Labradoodle.

Physical characteristics Australian Labradoodle


The Labradoodle is compact but gracefully built. The tail is almost straight, it has drooping ears and large eyes with very long eyelashes. Striking are of course his beautiful, long curly hair.

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 25 and 35 kg.

Height at the withers

From 54 to 65 cm.

Approach to training

Labradoodles definitely need physical but also mental challenges. They do not settle for around the house, but love to go out with their boss for a long walk. They need 1.5 to 2 hours of exercise a day anyway. Many Labradoodles also love to swim.

Labradoodle  everything

Common symptoms

Addison’s disease

Dog sports

The Labradoodle is very suitable as a family dog, but can also be used very well as a service dog. They are regularly used as therapy dog ​​for children with autism, down or other special needs.

Labradoodles are suitable for owners who:

Find a happy dog

Being allergic to dogs

Have a lot of time to take good care of the dog. Especially coat care

Want to take active long walks (they also love swimming)

Have children and want to use the dog as a family dog

Buy Labradoodle

Has the fun look and cheerful, smart character of the Labradoodle captured your heart? Completely understandable! Before tacking, it is important to first be well informed and to learn about the breed. This way you can be sure that the Labradoodle suits you (and your family) perfectly.


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