This article serves you the ten fun facts about Jack Russell! Do you share our love for Jack Russels or dogs in general? And are you curious about this list after reading this introduction? Then quickly scroll on!

1. The different types

We kick off our list with a fact-based on the different types of terriers. Popularly, each of the three different types of Russels will often be referred to as jack russel. What this sentence already betrays is that a distinction can be made between three different types of Jack Russel: the Jack Russel terrier, the Parson Russel terrier and the Russel terrier.different types

The Jack Russell Terrier is small dogs than the Parson but larger than the Russell Terrier. The Parson was bred from the Jack Russell Terrier when hunters in hilly terrain decided to need a longer-legged dog. Eventually, the Jack Russel became primarily a companion hunting dog and the Parson more hunting.

2. However, they have the same origin

John Russel was ultimately responsible for the creation of the Jack Russel as we know it today. John, a priest and dyeing hunter from the UK was looking for a dog-sized companion to help him on the hunt.same origin

When he saw the milkman’s dog in 1819, he was convinced that he had found the perfect dog breed hunting instinct: the British White Terrier named Trump. Trump would become the chief of the ultimate race. It is unclear which other breeds were part of the process to the Jack Russel. The British White Terrier is now extinct.

3. Jack Russel Terriers are not officially part of the “American Kennel Club”

The “American Kennel Club” is a registry that includes pure terrier association of america breed dogs. Until 2001, the Jack Russel Terrier was also on this list but under pressure from the “Jack Russell Terrier Club of America working ability” ​​this was changed to Parson Russel Terrier. With this, the Jack Russel Club wants to preserve the origin of the Jack Russel and to shorter legged maintain it the status of “working class dog” breed clubs.

In the Dutch register of pedigree dogs, the “Raad van Beheer”, the Jackrussel is listed, in the FCI group 3.

4. They can jump like the best

can jump like the bestphoto: Emery Way / Flickr

Where most dogs hardly have the opportunity to jump, Jack Russels can sometimes jump up to five (!) Times their own height. Flying skills guaranteed, so when you throw a ball in the park with your almond shapedRussel!

5. The Leonardo DiCaprio among the dogs

It is not uncommon to see a Jack Russel in your favorite series or movie. After all, with the right training, they can work well on a film set. What also contributes are the different emotions they can radiate. Essential for any good movie dog.

6. Do you remember Frasier?

You know, that hugely popular 90s comedy series. Now you can guess, a Jack Russel has been part of the cast for a long time there too. Eddie, as the reverend john Russell dog was called in the series, was so popular that it received more fan mail than any other actor on the show. This to the chagrin of some other cast members, who thought that a dog could not be an actor.

7. Make no mistake, these dogs require a lot of attention

dogs requirephoto: A. Buser / wiki commons

Make no mistake in their small and cute appearance, these dog sports need a lot of attention. Because of their natural instinct to hunt, they need a lot of space to lose their energy. They are also known for being very smart and need good training and guidance from an early age almond shaped.

Living in a small apartment or house? Then it might not be the smartest choice fox hunting to take a Jack Russell. Or of course, you have to buy such an automatic ball launcher for them!

8. Burning is no fun for Jack Russels either

Jack Russels eitherphoto: Steve-65 / wiki commons

Were you convinced that dogs were protected from the sun by their fur? Nothing is less true. Just like people, dogs are also sensitive to the sun and can bandage. Jack Russells are extra sensitive among the dogs because they have a light colored broken coat fenced yard.

To prevent burning a Jack Russell, you can rub the dog with sunscreen.

9. Three different coat types

On the surface, it may seem that a Jack Russell terrier always has the same type of smooth-coated long legs rough coat. However, the reality is that there are three different types: soft, rough and a combination of both.

10. The Jack Russel is a popular

photo: Steve-65 / wiki commons

The jack russell is in 19th place in the list of most popular dog breeds in the Netherlands.


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