Dog Breeds How to toilet train a puppy

How to toilet train a puppy

How to toilet train a puppy

Teach your puppy to housebreak as soon as possible. How to toilet train a puppy.

The earlier you start toilet training your puppy, the less likely it is that your puppy will accidentally need it in places where it shouldn’t. An accident is in a small corner.

If you don’t give the puppy potty training, he will not notice that he is doing anything wrong when he puddles on your rug.

Observe your puppy for a few days before starting training. This way you first learn to recognize the signals when your puppy will do his / her needs

To be clear, never punish your dog if it doesn’t work immediately !!! Children take months to become toilet trained. So don’t expect your puppy to be completely house trained after two days. Do not use a crate to help house train your dog !!!

Toilet training the puppy

There are several stories about toilet training a puppy. There are various methods of toilet training, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on your living situation. If you live in an apartment, you will choose a different method than someone who lives on a farm.

It is important that you work tactically and with a lot of patience, shouting does not make any sense. If the dog only shows a little that he has to do something, you must ensure that he is immediately taken to the place where he can do his needs. For example, this can be a private spot in the backyard.

Some signs that a puppy can give are:

– walking restlessly back and forth
– sniffing around to find a suitable spot
– threatening to lift his leg.

To reduce the chance of an accident, you can bring the puppy to its ‘toilet place’ at set times. For example, you can do this several times a day in the morning, after an effort and after drinking or eating.

Stimulate your puppy for good behavior. Reward the dog if it has put its need in the right place.

Toilet training – The direct approach

This method is aimed at getting your dog to take it out of the way through compliments and rewards. Use the following technique to teach your dog this method:

  1. After your pup has eaten, immediately go outside with him and stay with him until he does his needs. Make as little contact as possible so as not to distract the puppy. Just give the command “(name of the dog + eg pipe)”. If he does his needs, compliment him immediately.
  2. If he need not do, take it every hour just to go outside to do to give him the chance of his need.
  3. Keep an eye on the puppy. If he does within his needs, use the command “(name of the dog + naughty)” and take him outside. Have you noticed too late that he left his message at home, just let it pass and stop responding? The dog can no longer make the link after a few minutes and therefore does not know why you are angry.
  4. Don’t punish him once you’re out with him or he’ll get confused and think he shouldn’t be doing his business there. If he has done his needs outside, take him back to the same place more often so that he will associate with his need outside.

Learn from an example.

Toilet training a dog. Show the dog where to go to the bathroom. You can do that by clearing up his needs with a newspaper. Place this newspaper (outside) where you want the dog to do its needs.

It is important to never let your dog do what he needs. The smell of his need lingers for a long time for a dog and so there is a chance that he will associate indoors with his need. So if he has done his needs indoors, neutralize the odor with a special fragrance for animals. A better pet store always has this in stock.

Make yourself comfortable and remove the mats from the house for a few weeks (if possible).

Do not worry if it does not work immediately. You can best compare this to a baby. One baby is also more toilet trained than other babies of the same age. Children take months to become toilet trained. So don’t expect your puppy to be completely house trained after two days.

My puppy urinates when I get home

At first, it can happen that your dog is very happy to see you; a joy pee is a result. This has nothing to do with the dog’s toilet training. Your pup is just too happy to see you again and is no longer able to control his bladder. Don’t punish your dog for this. You can mitigate this problem by not reacting too enthusiastically when you get home.

Melancholy pee

Also, melancholy pee has nothing to do with toilet training. The puppy does this because he is very submissive. Working on the dog’s confidence is the best way to fix it. You should never punish the dog for this either.


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