Dog Breeds Top 5 dog breeds with a lot of energy

Top 5 dog breeds with a lot of energy

high energy dog ​​breeds

Are you someone who likes to take long walks with your dog, has a lot of time to spend and possibly wants to do dog sports? Then you are probably looking for a four-legged friend who has as much energy as you. We have listed five varieties that are packed with high energy dog ​​breeds.

Top 5 high energy dog ​​breeds

Belgian shepherd

This dog is a favorite with the police, the army and rescue workers for a reason. They are brave dogs that do not shy away from heavy work. These dogs are full of energy and so they are only suitable for owners who are ready to offer them lots of exercise and mental challenges. If you do not do this, it is better to already compare the contents insurance. They will try to lose their energy in the form of destructive behavior, where your expensive furniture is not spared.

Border collie

The border collie is known as the most intelligent dog breed. In addition, they also have a lot of energy. When you get this four-legged friend in your home, you have the right size to cycle, play and exercise with. These dogs have a strong flotation instinct that they can get rid of while floating sheep. Are you not directing their energy in the right direction? Then they can start to exhibit unwanted driving behavior or destructive behavior.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a lesser-known breed, but no less fun for that reason. This stable dog likes to go out with his owner but is somewhat reserved with strangers. He is usually calm in the house, but that kite only goes up if you give him the attention he deserves. Think of training, mental challenges and long walks. If you don’t do this, he will entertain himself with unwanted behavior.

Airedale terrier

This breed is relatively new and quite popular in the US. In the Netherlands, this terrier is less well known and that is a pity because they are very nice family dogs. Thanks to their high energy level, they are always ready to go out with the boss, play with the kids in the garden (always under supervision) and learn new things.

Australian Cattle dog

This breed is hardened and committed to its owner. They are not beginner dogs as they can be fairly dominant and need consistent but friendly upbringing. Cattle dogs are tough dogs ready to herd cattle or practice sports. They will take their duty seriously and, like the above breeds, need more than just a block. You have to give them a task where they have to use their brains.


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