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Griffon Korthals

The short-necked Griffon Korthals is a breed that belongs to the standing gundogs, the spaniels and the retrievers. They are very affectionate dogs. They are also very playful, they are good watchdogs and they are good hunters.

They live an average of 11 years, 60 cm high and weigh an average of 30 kg. They have a blue-gray coat that can be very short.

General view

Breed characteristics

This is a griffon breed that is really good at hunting. They love to hunt, playing is great for these dogs. They love to run well. Waking is also no problem for them, if you have a company and you want a good watchdog, the short-haired Griffon is a suitable breed. But it can also be kept indoors if it can only lose its energy.


The character of this breed is good, the dogs love to move and are full of energy. Playing for these dogs is, therefore, something they like to do. They love to play with children and other dogs. They are also good watchdogs and affectionate towards the boss. If you go away for a day, he prefers to go with you.

Usage / functions

He is used as a watchdog, a hunting dog and a companion dog.


The exercise of these dogs is good, they have a lot of energy and want to lose it. You can go cycling with them, throw the ball and you can make them tired by going hunting with them.


Coat care is recommended in the form of brushing.

Dealing with children

The dogs get along well with children. They are friendly to them and enjoy playing together.


They have always been good hunting dogs, they also watch well. They are now also fine companion dogs that can live with families with young children.



The dogs are about 60 cm high, so quite big for a hunting dog. She is high on the legs and behind the legs are less high. The ears hang next to the head and the tail is short.


They are often blue-gray in color.

Height at the withers

The average height is 60 cm, the bitches are often somewhat smaller.


The eyes of these dogs are not always visible because of the hair, but normally they are dark in color.


The coat of the dogs is sometimes short-haired, but can also be a little longer, brushing is recommended.


The tail of these dogs is not that long, but it is hairy.


They are suitable hunting dogs and they are also sweet for children and other dogs and can also be kept indoors if they can lose their energy, a garden is recommended.


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