Dog Breeds French Poodle – 7 facts about this elegant dog breed

French Poodle – 7 facts about this elegant dog breed

French Poodle

The French Poodle may come across as somewhat arrogant, and according to some, looks more like a fashion accessory than a dog, but make no mistake, these are athletic and smart working dogs, and even the ‘fancy’ look has good reason. Curious? Read 7 fun facts about the poodle below.

Are they French Poodle?

Are they FrenchDespite the name, and the fact that the Poodle is the national dog of France, the Poodle is not originally from France but from Germany. Here the breed is called ‘pudel’ which means as much as splashing in the water. And that is not surprising because this breed is a real water dog that was used for hunting more than 400 years ago.

They are very good at their job

They are very good at their jobPoodles are often linked to wealth and luxury these days but make no mistake, these are real working dogs that have no problems at all with the heavy lifting. These athletic dogs are excellent swimmers and were used by hunters to retrieve ducks and other birds from the water. They even have a “soft mouth” so they can pick up injured or dead birds with care. In France, the dogs were also called ‘duck dog’.

Their ‘fancy’ appearance is not for nothing

Their 'fancy' appearance is not for nothingAs we wrote, poodles are real water dogs, and that water could be freezing cold, and they needed protection. The too much-wet coat would make them too heavy, so hunters shave their hair strategically. The pattern was intended to protect vital areas from cold water.

Poodles come in 4 varieties

Poodles come in 4 varietiesThe Poodle is the only dog ​​that comes in three sizes: Toy, Dwarf, Medium, and Large. And then there are also 6 different coat colors: gray, white, black, red, apricot, and brown. These terms only describe the size of the dogs, the FCI AKC considers them all as the same breed.

A poodle’s coat continues to grow

French PoodleUnlike dogs that shed, a Poodle’s coat continues to grow. As a result, they need regular grooming. If left untreated, their fur will become dull and dreadlock-like. On the plus side, they are hypoallergenic and generally odorless.

The poodle is often crossed by this coat

The poodle is often crossed by this coatThe Poodle has been crossed with other popular dogs like Labrador Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels to create more hypoallergenic breeds like the Labradoodle and the Cockapoo.

Poodles are super smart

Poodles are super smartPoodles are among the smartest dog breeds. Smartest in dogs is often defined as how easy they are to train (whether that’s really intelligence, that is, of course, the question). But the poodle is extremely easy to train and only lists the Border Collie above them in lists of the smartest dog breeds . In the 1800s, they were often dressed in human clothing and trained to perform elaborate acts.


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