Dog Breeds 11 French Dog Breeds

11 French Dog Breeds

French dog breeds

The French love dogs. They used to be popular with hunting and even dogs lived at the French court. But many French people still have a four-legged friend in the house, whether or not as a working dog. And the chauvinistic French, of course, love their own dog breeds, we list 11 of them.

Oh yes, you will not find the French Poodle on the list, because the national dog of French Dog Breeds does not originally come from France, but from Germany!

French Bulldog

French BulldogThe French Bulldog is sturdy and muscular, has a fairly flat and wide snout and of course, the upright ears are characteristic. According to the guidelines, a French Bulldog should weigh between 8 and 14 kilograms, however, the males now often reach 18 kilograms.

The French variant probably descends from the English Bulldog. This has probably been crossed with a small French terrier (hence the erect ears). The breed was formerly used in fighting bulls in large arenas. Today, of course, it is a real house dog. Lively, friendly, stubborn, good with children, but can also be very watchful.

Due to their short nose, many French Bulldogs have difficulty breathing. Regulating body temperature can also cause problems. In warm weather you should, therefore, take it easy on the French Bulldog.

Épagneul nain continental

Épagneul nain continentalThe Épagneul nain continental has a nickname that is perhaps better known to people, the “Papillion”, or butterfly in French. In the Netherlands also known as a butterfly dog. This nickname is of course due to the large standing ears that look a bit like a butterfly. It is a fun, sweet and enthusiastic breed. With a weight of about 3 to 4 kilograms a real lap dog, they also love the attention of the owner.

Basset hound

photo: Anderson Nascimento / wiki commons

Basset houndThe Basset Hound has short legs and therefore a bit of a dwarf appearance. This immediately explains his name: Basset is derived from the word “Bas”, which in French means “low”. The basset hound was originally bred to hunt foxes and rabbits, among others.

Because they are so low on their paws, they can easily move through the bushes and keep their nose on the ground while tracking, which is difficult for larger hunting dogs. The basset is intelligent, calm, affectionate and gentle with great stamina. Very social and therefore suitable as a domestic dog. However, they are bred to be vocal while hunting so frequent barking can be a problem.

Basset Griffon Vendée

Basset Griffon VendéeThe griffon vendéen basset comes in two sizes, petit and grand. These hunting dogs are also used when hunting small game in difficult terrain.

But meanwhile it is also a popular domestic dog. They are very social towards people, which is actually a characteristic of all hunting dogs as they have always had to cooperate with people. The Basset Griffon vendéen can also tend to bark and dig a lot.


BeauceronThe Beauceron is a very old dog breed from France, it is one of the ancestors of the famous Doberman Pinscher. They were used in the 19th century to protect herds from wolves. In the First World War, they were used as a messenger and tracking dog. In France, they are still used as a herding dog and police dog.


BriardThe Briard is a dog breed that has been loved by the French since the Middle Ages, the Briard can already be seen in tapestries from the 8th century. In the past, the Briard was used to defend herds of cattle against wolves and poachers.

After the French Revolution, the breed’s work gradually changed to herding flocks and guarding property. In World War I and World War II, he was used in the military as a messaging and rescue dog.

Pyrenean sheepdog

Pyrenean sheepdogThe Pyrenean Shepherd has been herding sheep in the Pyrenees in southern France for centuries. It was not until the First World War that he first appeared outside of his familiar territory, hundreds (possibly thousands) of Pyrenean shepherds worked as couriers, tracking dogs and watchdogs. The breed has two coat types, rough and smooth.

Pyrenean mountain dog

photo: eartSpoon / Wikicommons

Pyrenean mountain dogThe Pyrenean mountain dog dates from the 15th century. Then he worked mainly as a watchdog in the castles in the Pyrenees. He was also used as a herd dog, mainly to protect them from wolves.

Today, the Pyrenean mountain dog is primarily a family dog. They are sweet to children, but have of course retained their wakefulness. If someone comes to the family, they come to him.

They are quite intelligent, and not as docile as a shepherd, for example. They are used to working independently, so they will not always listen well.

Dogue de Bordeaux

French dog breedsThe great Dogue de Bordeaux was originally bred for hunting, but was also used for fighting wolves and dogs. This large dog breed is very strong and courageous and is therefore often still used as a watchdog today .

Épagneul breton

Épagneul bretonNamed after the French province of Brittany where this breed originated, although little is known about its origin. Became very popular in recent years thanks to his talents as a hunting dog and also very suitable as a house dog. They are sometimes counted among the Spaniels, but in terms of construction they look more like a pointer or setter.

Lion dog

Lion dogIt may be clear where the name Lion Dog (Petit Chien Lion) comes from. This dog looks a bit like a lion. They used to be very popular with the French dog breeds court. It is a real companion dog that can easily be taken anywhere. They are known for being stubborn and intelligent. They are great for agility.


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