Bulldog French Bulldog – 8 Facts About These Happy Pet Animals

French Bulldog – 8 Facts About These Happy Pet Animals

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is sturdy and muscular, has a fairly flat and wide snout and of course, the upright ears are characteristic. According to the guidelines, a French Bulldog should weigh between 8 and 14 kilograms. If you want to know more about this dog breed, read 8 facts below.

From France or from England?

France or from EnglandThe French say the French Bulldog is originally from France, as you can tell from the name. However, according to the English, he is the little brother of the English Bulldog, crossed with small French terriers (hence the erect ears), which is said to have been exported to France.

Firm, muscular, erect ears and a flat, broad snout

Firm, muscular, erect ears and a flat, broad snoutThe French Bulldog has a stocky physique. He has a wide back that is very muscular. The loins are firm and short. The dog has a knobby short tail that presses against the buttocks. His chest is very wide, which makes him look powerful and tough.

The front legs are shorter than the hind legs and are widely spaced. The small round feet are slightly outwards. The French Bulldog has a short neck. His head has a powerful appearance, can be called wide and even square and has the characteristic wrinkles for the French Bulldog.

He has a broad and flat skull with a rounded forehead. The eyebrows stand out. The nose is short and wide, call it a snub nose! The lips are thick and flabby. The upper lip should completely cover the teeth.

This dog has wide, powerful jaws. When looking at the ears of this breed you will soon think of a bat. The eyes are low and far from the nose and ears. The eyes are large and slightly protruding, as it were. As for the teeth, make sure when purchasing that the lower jaw incisors are in front of the upper jaw incisors. The French Bulldog has undershot teeth.

3 different colors

3 different colorsThe French Bulldog has a short coat. The coat is shiny, soft and very dense. Three colors are possible with this breed: brindle with white, white with brindle spots (also called fur) and beige (fawn). Grooming the coat is easy. In a period of shedding, you can remove the loose and dead hairs with a rubber brush. Throughout the year, weekly brushing is sufficient, also good for contact with your dog.

A true human friend

French BulldogThe French Bulldog is a companion animal. It is a smart, friendly, happy and playful dog. Persistent if he really wants something! It is the perfect house dog and throws high eyes as a companion animal.

Looks and is brave because of its build, can be very boisterous and is physically hardened. However, don’t be mistaken by just looking at the looks. It is a sensitive dog. The French Bulldog is very sensitive to your voice, but also to moods in the house. The dog does not like to be alone (but which dog is it?). It is an affectionate dog.

Do not put the dog in a kennel, but let him or her be part of the family. Only then will this breed be happy. He does not bark much, but he is certainly heard in case of trouble. It is an enthusiastic dog, sometimes a bit too enthusiastic.

Keep the folds clean

Keep the folds cleanThe coat does not require much grooming and is simple. Remove the dead and loose hairs with a brush in the shedding time and brush weekly throughout the year. The facial folds characteristic for this dog do need some attention because anything can be left behind.

Keeping these folds clean is therefore very important. Sometimes that does not cause any problems, sometimes it is advisable to lubricate these folds with Vaseline or a cleaner. You also prevent those ugly tear stripes.

The nails should be kept short, especially if the dog does not often walk on a hard surface, it may be necessary to have these nails cut (you can do this at the vet or dog grooming salon). Very important to do this in time, the dog has trouble walking if the nails are too long. Do not forget to check the ears regularly for dirt and excessive earwax. When he shakes his head a lot, ear problems can be the cause.

They don’t like heat

They don't like heatYou may think that this dog does not get warm quickly, because a thick coat is missing. Make no mistake about this. This breed does not tolerate heat well, thanks to the short snout. You can cool his legs when it is very warm, start this at a young age so that he gets used to this. A lot of attention is paid to the short snout of the different dog breeds and the associated respiratory problems.

She can’t make puppies without help

She can't make puppies without helpHumans have gone too far when breeding the French Bulldog. So much so that most dogs of this breed no longer have due to their physique. And if it does work, they often do not last long because of their breathing problems. Most puppies are therefore born thanks to artificial insemination. And if you have succeeded in getting pregnant then having puppies in a natural way is also a problem, often a Caesarean section has to be involved.

A recognized breeder

Keep the folds cleanWith any breed, it is important that you purchase a dog from a recognized breeder. Always ask if you can have the puppy assessed by your vet for health. A bona fide breeder does not breed to order but can tell you when the next litter is expected. You will be put on a waiting list.

A good breeder pays attention to the health of the dogs. He will show you both the puppies and the mother. He spends time socializing the puppies, leaving them (regularly) at home and getting them used to other people, animals and things that he may encounter in the wide world, including different sounds. The bona fide breeder knows a lot about his breed and wants to know where his puppies end up.


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