Dog Breeds English Setter

English Setter

English Setter

Standing dogs.

Country of origin: England

Current and original tasks: Hunting dog, especially on
game birds.


Shoulder height

Males between 65 and 68 centimeters.
Bitches between 61 and 65 centimeters.

Weight –


English Setters have a long head with a definite stop. The occipital protuberance is clearly visible. The square muzzle is about the same length as the skull. The ears are set low and are carried hanging in a fold. They have a scissor bite.


The body is of medium length. The back is short and straight. The tail is straight, and is worn on the same leash as the back or just below. The English Setter’s chest is wide. The legs are straight. The toes are well closed and have thick soles.

Coat: Long, silky coat.

Colors: White with black dots, white with orange dots, white with tan dots and white with liver dots.



Dogs of this breed are intelligent, gentle, gentle and affectionate. They attach great importance to their family. English Setters have their own will and can, therefore, be very willful. They do best in a quiet environment. Setters bark very little.


They are very social by nature. They find it excellent with other dogs. They have a lot of patience with children and are very accommodating. Make sure that your children do not abuse the good-naturedness of the dog. The visit is announced, but also greeted kindly.



They need a fair amount of exercise. Take long walks with the English Setter regularly. When the dog is fully grown you can teach him to walk next to the bicycle. The dog is not inherited. This means that you have to fence your garden properly, otherwise it will continue.


These dogs are not difficult to educate. They can be quite headstrong. A consistent clear and loving upbringing is needed in these dogs. A hard upbringing is counterproductive. Reward the dog for good behavior.


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