Are you the kind of person who never sits still? Always on the go? Then a ‘couch potato’ does not suit you. You want a dog that will go on all your adventures. Of course, most dog breeds like to stay by your side, but not all of them have the stamina to be with you all day long. The following 10 active dog breeds do. Of course, every individual is different, but basically, these dog breeds have the energy for ten.

11 Energetic dog breeds for active people

Border Collie

Border CollieWith which breed can we start differently than with the Border Collie; these are real workaholics. These smart dogs are full of energy and they have to get out. This really doesn’t have to mean finding a flock of sheep to herd your dog (the job they were bred for). It must be something active. Even running with them is probably not going to be enough for these energy bombs. They really need a challenge. They love Frisbee. Or just fetch a ball, but preferably over an obstacle course.


VizslaThe nickname of this dog breed is Visla-Velcro, after Velcro. These dogs love to be with their owners and prefer to be close to you. This Hungarian dog breed was bred to help hunt in the forest, field or in the water. This sleek and strong breed is full of energy and can keep running. Whether you are running or cycling along the road, in the forest, or by the sea, the Vizsla is the perfect partner.

Australian Shepherd

energetic dog breeds for active peopleLike the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd has also been bred for herding flocks. They do not like to sit still and excel at agility (agility) or other active dog sports such as Frisbee or things with a ball. These obedient dogs will be more than happy to follow you on a run.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retrieverThe Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the world for a reason. This loyal charity is at home in all markets. He is social, loves his family and of course likes to cuddle. But they are also very active dogs that want to run, play or swim all day long. Unfortunately, you see way too fat Labradors in the street scene. They love food and have no natural brake. So make sure you give good dog food, for example, Orijen dog food, and certainly not too much. A slim labrador is a happy active dog, a fat labrador will prefer asleep on the couch. They are more flexible than the above varieties since they also want to rest with you for a day if you feel the need.

Golden Retrievers

Golden RetrieversWhat applies to the Labrador also applies to the Golden Retriever. These dogs love any activity, as long as it is with their owner. This can be cuddling on the couch, or running, swimming, or playing. But also lord again notices that there are too many fat Goldens. Give your dog a good quality food like  Acana dog food which consists of 70% meat and therefore no mess. And most importantly, feed with your eyes. The numbers on the packages are averages and may not apply to your dog.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired PointerThese originally German Hunting Dogs are bred to work all day around the field and lakes. They are therefore known for their strength, speed, agility and endurance. So this is not a dog breed that can stay at home all day, they have to go on an adventure, and preferably with you by their side. So if you want a stick behind the door that ensures that you really have to exercise, then this is a very suitable dog breed.


DalmatianThese famous spotted dogs used to be used to run for miles with carriages to protect them. So assume that these dogs are full of energy and have great stamina. Please note that Dalmatians are known for being aloof with strangers and very loyal to their own family. If you do not want bite incidents because your dog wrongly thinks that you have to protect the family, make sure that you are well socialized.

Jack Russell terrier

Jack Russell terrierSo far, we have mainly included large and medium-sized dog breeds in the list. But there are also small dog breeds that you can easily keep up with when running. For example the Jack Russell terrier. This little terrier is smart and snappy. They are bred to chase a fox out of its hole and they are fast enough to keep up with the horses and dogs during the hunt. So a big dog in a small package. They can get bored quickly, so don’t run the same round every day, but keep it exciting.


WeimaranerThe Weimaraner is an ideal jogging partner who can skilfully navigate difficult terrain. In addition, the gray coat is well suited for warm climates, so you can also run on the warm days. The coat also needs minimal care and little dirt will stick to it. Ideal if you have been in a muddy forest.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian RidgebackThe Rhodesian Ridgeback can also withstand warm temperatures. This is not surprising, because this breed is originally from Africa; here they were used to hunt lions! So they are extremely athletic, but also surprisingly good with people.


PoodleThe poodle has a wrong image. This probably has to do with their chic looks. But make no mistake, they are real working dogs that have no problems at all with the heavy lifting. These athletic dogs are excellent swimmers and were used by hunters to retrieve ducks and other birds from the water.


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