My dogs eat grass

This is a very common question or problem: Why does a dog eat grass? On this page, we will go deeper into this question.

Why does a dog eat grass?

There are several reasons why a dog can eat grass. We sometimes see this occur in playfulness, especially in young dogs. Usually, however, eating grass in a dog indicates a stomach (and/or gut) problem. By eating grass, the dog induces a vomiting reflex so that he or she will vomit.dogs eat grass

We see eating grass very often in dogs.

Is it bad for a dog to eat grass?

If it happens only once this is not so bad. We often see that the dog vomits after this. If all goes well, the problem will soon be over.
However, if a dog eats grass often, it usually indicates a chronic stomach and / or intestinal problem. Often, but not always, these dogs have some or more of the following complaints:

  1. The (frequent) outbreaks of food
  2. The (frequent) vomiting on an empty stomach.
  3. Diarrhea complaints
  4. Bubbling bowels
  5. Stomach ache
  6. To lose weight

What can be the causes of eating grass in the dog?

When eating acute grass (with vomiting), we should think in particular of causes of acute nausea. Think in particular of an acute virus infection or eating something wrong. If a dog eats grass very often, there can be many different causes. For more detailed information, see our information page ” vomiting or vomiting in the dog “.

How should I treat a dog that eats grass?

If your dog rarely eats grass, it is usually not necessary to initiate treatment. However, if a dog eats grass very often, it is wise to identify and treat the underlying cause. Often further research must then be done, such as blood tests or an endoscopy.


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