Dog Breeds Dogs depressed after the corona period?

Dogs depressed after the corona period?

Dogs depressed after the corona period

Do dogs get depressed after the corona period and how to fix it?

How will our dogs react after the corona period when their owner goes back to work. Everyone goes back to work and the dog remains lonely and abandoned. Dogs that used to take a daily walk with their owner must remain in their cage from then on. It was a party for these dogs, but everything comes to an end. Also working at home and that daily walk with your dog comes to an end.

A fair question that we must now ask ourselves: “how will dogs react if they are left behind soon”.

Anyone who suddenly has more free time makes an animal accustomed to a new life. It is not good for a dog if that suddenly changes when you are less at home after the corona period.

Do dogs get depressed after the corona period and how to fix it?

You as the owner have to take this into account, it is not possible that your dog will feel unhappy if you have to say goodbye to your dog within a few weeks due to changed circumstances. A dog is not only for joy and friendship, but there is also a responsibility for the owner. Caring for a pet is part of this.

Here are some tips to give your dog a normal and happy life after the corona period.

* Now try to keep the same rhythm from before the corona period. Don’t respond to your dog for a few hours, just leave it alone, don’t ignore it, but don’t engage in any activity with it either.

* Always feed the dog at the same time, just as he or she was used to before the corona period.

* Do not walk at the same time every day, so it will not become a habit for the dog.

* Also go for a walk without your dog, this way you break the routine of your dog.

* If you used to take your dog for a walk every day, you can now also plan the walk at a time, just like in the old days. A dog does not have a clock, so the walk can of course be earlier or later than usual. Attention dogs are also not stupid and can estimate the time based on the environmental factors.

* Another option is to warm your owner up now to take your dog to work. Maybe it will help to send a nice picture of you and your dog to your owner while you work from home. A dog in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity. In addition, dogs help reduce stress between employees in a team.

At this point, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask this question either, because your employer is probably also in his room now.

Purchase a puppy in these special circumstances

During this period (just like every year) people want to buy a puppy. People have a little more time to raise their pets, the good weather is coming, the holidays are imminent, etc. Still, in this situation, there is a bit more to it than in previous years. Don’t go overnight and remember that this mandatory home / compulsory home working situation will soon be over.

Then the question arises, what with a new dog in the house, how will this adolescent dog react if you have to start again. Everyone is old and wise to decide this for themselves, but don’t be tempted to buy impulse. A dog is a living creature with feelings that you don’t just put it in a closet when you no longer need it.

Do you also have nice photos while you work at home with your loyal dog, or more tips, send them to our editorial staff via we will place them under this article?


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