Dog Breeds Dogo argentino or Argentine dogo

Dogo argentino or Argentine dogo

Dogo argentino

The Dogo Argentino or Argentine dog is a dog that comes from Argentina. They are friendly dogs, they are calm and need the space to move. It is, therefore, dogs who must have a house with a garden where they can enjoy themselves. The males are about 68 cm tall and the bitches a little smaller on average 60 cm to 65 cm.

General view

Breed characteristics

The dogs can be recognized by their size. In addition, they have a short coat and they love to get attention. They are friendly to humans and animals and can hunt well, they are also good companion dogs. They don’t bark very loud and much but they do watch. Dogs need daily exercise to keep in good shape.


The character of the Dogo Argentino or Argentine dog is bold, cheerful and modestly friendly. They are not hard barkers but they do watch. The dogs are not aggressive but boss oriented. They love to work with the boss, they are happy to be with you and friendly to others. As a hunter, this dog is very smart and brave. They do a lot for the boss and that’s a good sign!

Usage / functions

They are great companion dogs and working dogs. They also watch closely.


The dogs need their daily exercise. They are large dogs and therefore need the space to move around, even at home. A garden is highly recommended for these dogs.


The care of the coat is minimal, the dogs have a short coat of up to 2 cm.

Dealing with children

The breed gets along well with children. They are friendly and get along well.


Dogo Argentino or Argentine dog is originally from Argentina. The dogs like to be active and suitable as house dogs.



The physique of these dogs is well balanced, the dogs are happy and that is reflected in the whole posture.


The color of the coat is white, sometimes they have dark or black spots around the eye, but this also occurs in other places on the body.

Height at the withers

The height at the withers of the Dogo Argentino or Argentinean dog is 68 cm and the bitches are somewhat smaller, between 60 and 65 cm.


The dogs’ eyes are dark in color and the eyes are also almond-shaped.


The coat of these dogs is short and flat. The average length of the coat is 1.5 to 2 cm.


The tail of this breed is set on medium height. They have a thick and long tail.


The dogs like to work, they like to move and have good stamina. They are sweet to children and very suitable as a house small dog breeds.


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