Bulldog Dog training is very important

Dog training is very important

Dog training

Dog training is very important because a dog, like other members of the family, must follow certain rules. For example, you absolutely want your dog to be toilet trained, but he or she must also listen carefully to you.

A poorly trained dog can cause a lot of nuisance not only to yourself but also to neighbors and other neighbors, for example by barking, aggressive behavior or urinating in the house. A dog needs love, but also time to develop. You also had to go to school to learn everything?

We are therefore happy to share some basic tips with you so that your dog is perfectly trained. Begging, barking unwanted, not listening and arguing with the neighbors are a thing of the past!

Almost every dog ​​owner has their own idea about how to train his or her dog. Regardless of what a dog owner expects, there are a number of tricks that should actually be learned with every dog.

Important dog tricks and training

An important action for your dog is sitting on command. It is best to do this as early as possible in the dog’s years of life because this will be very useful in the later handling of the dog. For example, think of sitting while putting on the belt, preparing food and when you have guests at home.Dog training is very important

If your dog has learned to sit, you can learn a subsequent action, which is to stop moving. If the dog does this well, you can prevent dangers and unwanted behavior.

In addition, it is good to teach the dog to come to you, this can be very beneficial if, for example, you take the dog for a walk and let it run for a while. Please note that there is a good distinction between the signals you give the dog to sit and to come to you.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to some belt commands. This can prevent the dog from pulling on the leash and pulling you. You can give a word with which you indicate that the dog should behave.

It is important to keep doing the same thing consistently when you have figured out what works for your dog. It is also good to remain patient and remember that the dog will not understand all of your reactions.

For example, it happens that you do not approve of the dog’s behavior, but that the dog experiences this as a reward for the attention you give.

Take your puppy to puppy training. Even if you think you know a lot about dogs, a dog trainer is specialized in this. You and your pup learn a lot from it and it is fun for you and your pup!

Dogs are routine animals, so be consistent. For example, if your dog is not allowed on the couch, do not disapprove this one time and leave it out the next time.

However, focus on something that is allowed, so that you ensure that your dog, for example, will lie next to the sofa in his or her dog bed. By only correcting what goes wrong, you will always be left behind.

Reward your dog regularly. To help you and your four-legged friend with the above tip, it is smart to reward your dog regularly.

If your dog does an exercise well or listens well, reward him or her with, for example, a dog biscuit or something else that your dog likes. You make it clear that this is the right way and thus create habits.

Dog training and education are a learning process. Your dog cannot do everything right the first time. So don’t expect your pup to be able to do everything right away when you first start your puppy course.

Work step by step, so that you don’t skip steps or go too fast so that your dog does not really understand it.

A dog reacts differently in every situation, just like us. Chances are your dog will react differently to someone else’s home or vacation.

He or she simply needs to get used to the situation. Then take a step back and give him or her some more attention and rewards.

A mistake can happen and get angry can backfire. Correct where necessary, but remain friendly. Remember that the training never ends and you simply need the necessary perseverance and a dose of humor. After all, you also drop something or make an awkward blunder.

Of course, there are many more tips for training dogs. In any case, you can make a good start with these tips. Ultimately, each animal remains unique with its own character and you gradually have to find out what works or doesn’t work for your puppy. However, the above tips always apply and therefore help you on your way!

Would you like more tips about training dogs? Then take a look at our section “ Training your dog ”


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