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13 Reasons To Take A Dog Stroller

Dog Stroller

When we talk about buying a dog buggy, a lot of people look at you quite strange. “It is a dog, he should walk” you hear. And frankly, I understood that at first dog stroller.

Still, there are a lot of reasons to buy a dog stroller for your dog, without being a medical reason.

So why should you buy a dog stroller? We have 13 reasons for you!

It is easier to go to the vet

Sometimes it is just a little better to go to the vet with a dog buggy. Simple reasons can be:

A dog that still has to strengthen after his surgery.

When you have to transport several dogs (or puppies). It’s much easier to place all of these in a dog buggy than taking them to the vet one by one.

You can run or walk, he can rest

If you are a fantastic runner or walker then that is fine. Your dog naturally wants to come with love while you go around the block.

But at some point, your dog may need to rest and you may not. Then your dog can sit quietly in the dog buggy and you can easily continue for hours.

Take your dog even easier (to work)

You can also walk from the car to the office, but sometimes it is a bit more convenient with a buggy.Take your dog even easier (to work)

In the office, it can also be nice for your dog that he has his own place that he knows and trusts.

It is (sometimes) more convenient than a transport bench

A transport bench is sometimes an excellent tool, but it can also be very difficult.

If you walk with a transport bench for a long time, you can notice this on your back, shoulders, and neck. Of course, it is not meant for long times.

Give your body a little more rest with a dog stroller.

Handy if your dog is a parent (or if you are a bit older yourself)

A dog always loves to go around the block. Even when they are older they can walk around for hours.

Well, they would like to, but it doesn’t work anymore.

An older dog still feels like enjoying the outside world and with a buggy, he can get a little further than he could walk. It can also be a bit nicer for older people themselves.

A quiet place in a busy area

An event can be a lot of fun, to a picnic, a market, an open-air festival or sports event. You can take your dog everywhere.

But that can be an annoying day for your dog. Not everyone sees your dog and will regularly bump him or even accidentally stand on his tail.Fresh air without running

With a dog buggy, you give him the rest he needs. And a nice extra is that no one can run into him anymore.

Fresh air without running

Of course, a dog that has yet to recover from surgery cannot be indoors all day. You can let a person in during the recovery period, with a dog that is not possible.

He will have to go outside for his pee and of course just for the fresh air. A buggy will be the solution at the moment but still enjoy the outdoors from its relaxed environment.

No problems with his legs

There are times when it is better for your dog not to touch the ground. With the hotter summers in the Netherlands, the asphalt gets quite warm. There are already dog ​​socks to protect his paws, but a dog buggy does this just as well.

Only in the summer? No, even in winter the street can be too cold or full of salt. Both are not best for your dog’s already sensitive paws.

Safe from other aggressive dogs

Sitting high also means sitting safely. It is not pleasant to walk your dog when an aggressive dog always does the same round. The height of the dog buggy makes it safe.

Do dogs increase? Fewer problems

Do you happen to own multiple dogs? Then you have probably had problems with dogs that all want to go the other way.A small and a large dog

With a dog buggy, you can solve this fine, when they are in the buggy you choose where they go.

A small and a large dog

If you have a small and a large dog, you will probably have experienced that the small dog can not always keep up. Not surprisingly, he does twice as much work.

To give the big dog a good walk, you can choose to put the small dog in a dog buggy. This way you can take a long walk without the small dog has to suffer.

Safe for traffic

If you live in a busy city with a lot of traffic it can be useful to walk with a dog stroller. You will not lose your dog and it is safe from all traffic passing by.

You can be more together and travel further

With a dog stroller, you can sometimes be together more often than without.

Restaurants, shops, and offices are becoming increasingly pet-friendly nowadays, but that does not automatically mean that a dog is allowed to walk everywhere. A dog buggy will ensure that your dog stays neatly in one place. This is often appreciated by the owner.

In addition, you can also go further than usual, you do not have to take into account the distance that your dog can walk, but only the distance that you can walk yourself.

Do I need to purchase a dog stroller?

We are not saying that you should immediately purchase a dog buggy if you can place your situation in the above pieces.

It is useful to realize that a buggy is not only bought when it is absolutely necessary, such as for an old or handicapped dog.

Be sure to read our blog if you want to know what to look out for, or which dog buggy is best.

Are we missing another very good reason? Let me know in the comments!


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