Bulldog 10 dog breeds for men

10 dog breeds for men

dog breeds for men

Having a pet in the house is very common. 2.8 million cats and 1.5 million dogs live in the Netherlands. Every owner has his preferences.

One swears by a black cat, the other wants a large shepherd. But suppose you are a man and you want a new dog. Which dog suits a tough guy? Those are not necessarily ‘macho dogs’.

But dogs that fit a real guy in size, appearance, energy, and character. We have listed them for you.

1. English Bulldog

English BulldogJustin Rudd/wiki commons

No, a bulldog is not a grandmother dog, but a real male dog. This type of dog fits particularly well with your man cave. An animal that can pull a tough, sad and friendly head at the same time.

Most of them have tidy personalities, a major benefit in this breed. You can’t really call a babe magnet, but if you’re playing with your bulldog in the park, you can be sure to grab the attention of the opposite. Bulldogs are very funny, and who wouldn’t find that attractive?

2. Husky

HuskyBönisch / wiki commons

Think empty, cold landscapes. Endless ice plains. Cold wind with swirling snow. Then you think of a husky in this male landscape? The advantage of having a husky at home is that it can pull your sled, which is why it was originally bred.

Not romantic? This dog likes to be physically moving to lose its energy. Taking a walk therefore invariably leads to a good appetite. And if something happens to you on the way, this dog defends his owner.

3. English Mastiff

MastiffDerived from the English word ‘big’, (one of the largest dog breeds ), this dog is a good companion for a tough man. Long ago they were used in that country to fight the bears. Their body, on the other hand, is also elegant.

And they are loyal animals that listen well. Also handy. Realize, they need a lot of exercises not to become sloths. But if you have the same plan, then this dog is the lid on your jar.

4. Cane Corso

Cane CorsoThe Cane Corso is tough! A real watchdog and a lot of muscles! Originally from rural Italy where he guarded flocks of sheep and farmyards. The current cane Corso is a reliable, sporty dog. The cane Corso is an independent dog.

He loves his boss but also likes to go out alone. Not the easiest dog to raise. But if you have experience with dogs and you socialize the Cane Corso throws you have a really good size to him! Often the ears are cropped into a triangle, but of course, you will NOT do that as a tough owner!

5. Doberman

DobermanA well-known breed, which is also used by the police, for example. They were originally used for hard work in the countryside, but now they are increasingly domesticated.

They continue to have a firm, muscular body, and they are more intelligent than you expect. Some people think that these are dangerous dogs that are always about to bite. Nonsense, like any other breed of dog, they just need to be well socialized, then they are friendly housemates to the male.

The problem, of course, is that if a Doberman is not properly raised and yet bites, the consequences are worse than if a small Chihuahua bites (which, incidentally, bites the most of all dog breeds). The Dobermann also often has its ears and tail docked. Fortunately, this is now prohibited in almost all of Europe!

6. Rottweiler

RottweilerThe Rottweiler also suffers from a negative image, they are aggressive and unstable, but in most cases that is not correct.

If they are brought up with the right training and they are used to being among people and being in different situations and environments, the rottweiler can easily become your best friend.

Again, if it goes wrong, then it goes well wrong! A group of Rottweilers who attack do a lot more damage than a Jack Russell. So educate well, and that means socializing well of course!

7. German Shepherd

German ShepherdPepo13 / wiki commons

These are useful animals. They ‘sniff’ at bombs, they are used in disasters or identify crooks. So real ‘male’ tasks. And that’s why a German Shepherd suits a man well. They (the dogs) are confident and handsome, they are big and black.

They defend their territory with tooth and tooth (and bark). On the other hand, they are super loyal to the owner, if that likes to be active with them.

8. Bloodhound

BloodhoundCharacteristics are their heads, which served as inspiration for the makers of Pluto and Droopy, among others. Their strongest talent is their nose. They can follow tracks very well and are therefore suitable for many, male yachts.

They might recognize the odor of only a few body cells and they search for it for hours, sometimes days. Their general appearance is cute, but they are also sometimes clumsy. Therefore, they do attract the attention of others. Sometimes they are stubborn. Recognizable? That makes the bloodhound your best buddy.

9. Black Labrador

Black LabradorYou have a lot of love for this plump dog. They are present but intelligent. They are originally from Canada. They have wide legs that allow them to swim in cold water. If you like, this dog can retract the nets you cast out to your boat.

The domesticated specimens are still good at catching and returning things. A fun game on a hot day in the park and don’t forget: this breed does great with small children, should that be a future plan.

10. Ridgeback

dog breeds for menOr the African lion dog. This species dared to teach the lions in the South African savanna a lesson. Their thick fur (with cockscomb on the back), sturdy legs that can withstand thorns and their muscular body makes them suitable for living in the wild. On the other hand, they are rational, and with education, you have a perfect companion. A man’s best friend!


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