Dog Breeds The 15 dog breeds big and their personality

The 15 dog breeds big and their personality

dog breeds big

Dogs naturally come in all shapes and sizes.

You have very small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Pugs, but also a very large dog breeds big.

Dogs that weigh more than 40 kilograms.

In this text, we are going to take a look at the largest and heaviest dog breeds out there.

In addition, we will look at how big/heavy they are and what else is characteristic of the breed of the dog.

Read on for the 15 largest dog breeds in the world.


We immediately start with one of the largest dog breeds out there.Newfoundlander

The Newfoundlander.

This variety can grow up to 70 kg! When you have enough room in the house and enough money in your wallet for food, this is a great dog for a family.

The breed is originally from Canada and was mainly used there as a sled dog and water dog.

The dog is very good at taking things and even people out of the water.

The dog is characterized by a large pack of hair which also requires the necessary care.


Another giant of the dog breeds is the Leonberger.Leonberger

The name Leonberger comes from the town of Leonberger in Germany.

The breed is a cross of three large dog breeds namely Saint Bernard, Pyrenees mountain dog and, the previous one in the list, Newfoundlander.

The dog, therefore, looks like a perfect mix of these three dogs.

A property common to the three breeds is their size.

The Leonberger is definitely a big dog and can weigh between 70 and 80 kg.

German dog

Despite the fact that the dog does not weigh a lot (but certainly not very little with 50 to 80 kg), this dog is mainly known for its size.German dog

The Great Dane can become more than 1 meter 10 in height and is, therefore, the breed that can become the highest of all breeds.

The Great Dane used to be a real hunter and could also do this independently.

Nowadays the Great Dane is a real family dog, provided you have enough space for this at home.

Tibetan mastiff

In addition to one of the largest breeds, the Tibetan Mastiff can also call itself one of the most expensive and oldest breeds in the world.Tibetan mastiff

The dog is originally from see and can weigh between 50 and 90 kg.

He is also considered holy in some countries.

The dog comes in different colors, but the rubella is especially popular in Asian countries.

A red Tibetan Mastiff was once sold for more than a million euros in China.


The Mastiff is not only available in a Tibetan copy, but also in other forms.Bullmastiff

Like for example the Bullmastiff.

This is a cross between the Tibetan Mastiff and the English Bulldog.

That makes it slightly smaller and lighter than the Tibetan mastiff.

It eventually weighs about 50 to 60 kg.

He does have the nose of a Bulldog which makes him an excellent hunter.

In the past, the breed was often used to hunt different animals.

Caucasian shepherd dog

Despite his difficult name, the translation of his name is much easier.Caucasian shepherd dog

Caucasian refers to his ancestry, the Caucasus Mountains, and Owcharka means Russian shepherd dog.

There are different types of Owcharka dogs, of which the Caucasian version is the largest.

This dog, unlike predecessors on this list, was not a hunter, but rather kept the herd together.

Hence his name.

The dog weighs an average of 50 kg and therefore finds himself on this list of the 15 heaviest dogs.

Cane Corso

When we talk about a Cane Corso, we are talking about a very independent dog.Cane Corso

The dog can grow to about 50 kilograms and enjoy themselves very well.

He likes to go out himself, but of course, he also finds it very nice to do this with his owner (s).

The dog finds its roots in Italy and that’s where its name comes from.

Cane is the Italian word for dog.

The Cane Corso is an athletic dog that needs a lot of attention and energy.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A very well-known on this list is the Bernese Mountain Dog.Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog, which has its origin in Switzerland, belongs to the list of most popular dogs in the Netherlands and is therefore often spotted as a pet in the Netherlands.

Originally the animal comes from Switzerland where it was often used as a shepherd, watchdog and to pull carts.

The dog has a lot of strength and is therefore very suitable for it.

Today, with an average weight of 45 kg, he is ideal as a pet because lazing and sleeping also fit perfectly into the range of duties of a Bernese mountain dog.


Although the animal has a very large heart, that is not what makes it so heavy.Boerboel

The Boerboel was bred as a watchdog and because of its gigantic build, it is also very suitable.

The Boerboel can become 100 kg! When you have this in front of you while it is watching, you probably think again about breaking in.

The Boerboel is originally from South Africa, but can now be found everywhere as a watchdog or as a pet.

Saint Bernard

This dog is often confused with a Bernese Mountain Dog, but when you put them side by side, you clearly see a lot of difference.Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard can grow up to 120 kg.

Despite the fact that the dog is so big, he is also very sweet and sensitive and will not hurt anyone.

The dog is also known as a service dog in the Swiss mountains.

In movies, you sometimes see him with a keg around his neck.

According to legends Brandy is in the keg to warm up people who are cold.


The next dog on the list is also a popular pet in the Netherlands.

The Rottweiler.Rottweiler

Despite his dreaded appearance and reputation, the dog is incredibly sweet and smart.

The dog is originally from Germany and its average weight of 50 kg was mainly used as a working dog.

Although the dog likes to work and be entertained, the dog is also absolutely suitable as a pet in a family.

It is important that he is kept busy because otherwise, he will get bored anyway.

Doberman Pinscher

Another incredibly intelligent dog is the Doberman Pinscher.

The dog is often used as a watchdog and he is certainly suitable for that.Doberman Pinscher

Despite his strength and intelligence, the dog is also very sweet.

In addition to being a watchdog, he can also function well as a pet in a family.

As with all intelligent dogs, it is important that he is entertained.

The dog weighs between 40 and 50 kg and can get quite high which is why he is on this list too.

Alaska malamute

The Alaskan malamute is a little less suitable as a pet.Alaska malamute

The reason for this is that the dog is really bred to live on its own.

This instinct is therefore very difficult to get out when the dog lives in a house.

The dog is from Alaska and is named after the tribe where it is often used as a sled dog.

The dog weighs between 40 and 50 kg and is therefore certainly suitable as a sled dog.

Also thanks to his thick coat he can survive in the cold.

Irish wolfhound

One of the oldest dog breeds out there is the Irish Wolfhound.

Despite its imposing appearance, this dog loves to cuddle.Irish wolfhound

While he was mainly used as a hunter before, that is not much of an issue at the moment.

The Irish Wolfhound is nowadays seen much more like a pet and absolutely enjoys it too.

The dog can grow to about 70 kg and about 80 cm in height.

When you don’t see him coming, he can be quite terrifying, but the Irish Wolfhound loves nothing more than taking care of being seen and interacting with people.


The last dog on this list is the Akbash.Akbash

The dog weighs between 50 and 60 kg and is originally from Turkey.

The dog can also often be found there.

The dog is used as a shepherd for other animals and as a watchdog for any burglars.

Despite its cuddly appearance, the dog is not really suitable as a family dog ​​because the dog is mainly used to dealing with animals and scaring away burglars.

However, the dog can learn a lot and will not be unfriendly to people if he lives with it.


Despite the large, coarse appearance of most of the dogs on this list, most dogs are incredibly sweet.

Nowadays, hunting is no longer necessary, so the animals can easily serve as companion animals for humans.

If the dogs from this list are a bit too big for you, fortunately, there is still a lot of choice from the somewhat smaller breeds.

There are probably just like many larger breeds as there are smaller breeds and that is why there will always be a dog that will fit into your family and home at home, regardless of its size or how heavy it is.


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