Dog Breeds Does my dog ​​love me? 10 signals that prove it

Does my dog ​​love me? 10 signals that prove it

Does my dog love me

Does my dog love me? When we love someone, we naturally want to know if this is mutual. We also want to be able to read the signals from our four-legged friend, letting us know that they love us just as we love them. However, dogs have other ways of showing their love because they cannot express “I love you” in words. Fortunately, they can show us how much they love us in other adorable ways. It is easier than you think to recognize these signs.

We show you ten clear signs that your dog loves you and that his tail is wagging in front of you. Most importantly, you are aware that your own instinct is a crucial factor in understanding your dog’s language. Just as our furry friends fully rely on the natural repertoire of their instincts, our instincts are also a reliable guide when it comes to understanding our dog’s language. Therefore, the following ten points are only a general guideline, ie an orientation, which does not claim to be complete. Your dog may find other ways to show love for you than the 10 signals we mention in this article. The better your relationship with him, the better you will be able to recognize these signals.

Your dog looks you in the eye

He looks deep into your eyes when he looks at you. Dachshunds, in particular, are known for this, but also Shepherd dogs, Golden Retrievers, or other breeds can put this look on – as well as any other crossbreeds imaginable. If the dog’s gaze is so deeply anchored in yours, it indicates deep-seated love. Several studies indicate that your dog’s oxytocin level increases at that time. This is the same hormone that evokes feelings of intense attachment in humans.

He is always by your side

He is always by your side

If your dog loves you, there is no place he would rather be than by your side. Unlike a human, he does not need moments for himself to retreat but experiences the place on the side of his favorite person as the most beautiful place in the world. Of course, this does not mean he does not like to be with his food bowl or his basket, but he prefers to accompany you everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you take a walk or cook together in the kitchen – ideally, one or the other falls on the floor in front of him. (Keep in mind that your beloved dog eats easily digestible foods, which don’t include many of our foods!)

He gives you a beautiful gift

This is of course not an 18-carat gold ring, but – much better: his favorite bone, of which he is very proud. Giving his toys away is an undeniable sign of love from your dog. However, this is especially true if he actually gives you his toys. If the dog brings you the toy but does not want to hand it over to you, it is above all an invitation to play!

He has no separation anxiety

You could misinterpret separation anxiety in dogs as a sign of love. In fact, it is quite the opposite! If your dog can be alone and is sure to come back, this is a good sign. Even dogs that have lost someone in the past can show this calm. If your dog can be well alone, and he shows that too, he will accept you as his leader – which is highly desirable. The dog accepts that the ‘boss’ has decided to leave. If your dog is very happy to see you again but is not overly excited upon entering this is a good sign. Too much excitement in the greeting can also be an expression of dominant behavior towards you.

Your dog jumps up on you

This sign, which is often interpreted as a sign of love, actually has another meaning: it is an expression of dominant behavior. If the dog shows such behavior, you shouldn’t overreact to it. This could signal your dog that you are under him in the hierarchy. This can cause problems in your relationship. Of course, you can also show joy. But make sure you always radiate peace and authority.

Your dog comforts you

Your dog comforts you

Because of his perfectly working instincts, your dog can feel very well how you feel at the moment. If he feels that you are not doing well, he will do everything to cheer you up by being close to you. The question “does my dog ​​love me?” is then answered clearly.

Your dog shows concern

If he feels you are in danger, your dog will always protect you. At the same time, you should take a critical look at this behavior, insofar as your dog doesn’t consider you a leader in control of the situation. You should always show your dog that he can fully trust that you are in control of the situation by acting confidently.

He wags his tail

If your dog moves his tail violently from side to side, this expresses his intense joy. This is a clear sign: He’s glad you exist – because he loves you! This is true in most cases. However, be aware that tail wagging initially means your dog is excited. The circumstances show how to interpret his behavior. If the dog is anxious, it will also wag its tail, but the tail will be down and stiff. In addition, it is important when interpreting signals that you carefully monitor the position of the ears.

The dog licks you

The dog seems to consider you a treat for licking you. When dogs lick, they mainly groom their own coat. He shows that he cares about you. This can be taken as a sure sign of affection. If you do not want your dog to show his love in this way, you should carefully teach him not to do so, for example, by making a compromise where he only licks your hand instead of your entire face. Otherwise, your dog may feel offended.

Sleeping with you

Clearly, it is a good sign if he likes to be close to you and can sleep well if you are close. That shows that he trusts you. And this confidence is a sign of his love for you. Actually, he should watch over you. But if the dog feels your safety radiating, it can dedicate itself to sleeping because it accepts you as a leader. A leader does not need the protection of the dog. However, a leader can tickle his dog’s ears a bit.

Does my dog ​​love me? Show your dog that you love it – by giving it an authentic and beautiful life and being the calm leader your dog needs. This is the greatest proof of love for your dog.


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