Dog Breeds Whimzees snacks for healthy teeth

Whimzees snacks for healthy teeth

dental care for dogs

Dogs can suffer from their teeth. For example, some common dental care for dogs problems include excessive plaque, which develops over time into tartar, bad gums, and bad breath.

This is annoying for both your animal and yourself, but fortunately, there are ways to support your animal’s teeth! In this article, we will explain everything about the dental snack ‘Whimzees.

Why treat dental problems?

Heart complaints Dental

problems such as plaque and tartar can reduce the quality of life of your animal and must, therefore, be tackled thoroughly. Did you know that dental problems can eventually even lead to death? When a lot of tartar forms, after a certain moment a piece of the tooth can rot away.

Bacteria can then spread through the blood vessels in the mouth through the bloodstream and eventually end up in the heart. Here they can settle, which increases the chance of heart complaints significantly.

Reduced food intake

Dental problems can also lead to a decrease in appetite and food intake. When your pet’s teeth are in poor condition, he will be in a lot of pain while eating. Often this ensures that your animal eats less, or even stops eating at all. Chunks often have to be replaced by meat so that they do not have to use their teeth as much, and still, receive some energy.

Many people think that bad breath simply belongs to your pet, but this is not correct. Bad breath often indicates dental problems, so it is important that when you observe this, have your teeth checked by a vet.

Check your pet’s teeth regularly!

Dental problems do not arise in one day, this process can take months to even years! That is why it is important to regularly have the condition of your animal’s teeth checked with the vet.

Dental plaque and tartar

As mentioned above, the most common dental problems in pets are plaque and tartar. Dental plaque is caused by food debris and is quite common. Normally this should be removed by, for example, brushing the teeth of your animal, or by offering chew bones or something so that the plaque can be sanded off. If this does not happen, the plaque will slowly develop into tartar. From this point on, your animal will also experience problems with its bad teeth.

How can I remove tartar?

Unfortunately, there are few alternatives apart from going to the vet to have the tartar removed. This is a very expensive treatment and is not optimal for the animal itself. For this, the animal must be under anesthesia. Some dog breeds, such as Collies, are hypersensitive to certain ingredients in medicines, including anesthesia, and can show symptoms of poisoning after being under anesthesia. Ideally, you want to put these varieties under anesthesia as little as possible, and only for the most urgent reasons. It is therefore also better to help prevent plaque and tartar.

What are Whimzees?

Whimzees combines the best natural ingredients with the ideal chew care: not only good for your dog’s teeth but also perfectly suitable for daily consumption. Because dogs need daily dental care, just like people.

  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Vegetarian All
  • Natural ingredients

The Whimzees chews rub against the teeth in the teeth, removing plaque. Whimzees come in all shapes and sizes. This takes into account the chewing movement of the dog so that the Whimzees rub as much as possible against the teeth of your animal. This removes the plaque.treat dental problems

Whimzees only use high-quality ingredients. Unlike many other snacks, Whimzees does not use animal protein. This makes them also suitable for dogs with an allergy to a certain protein. In addition, Whimzees are low in calories, so do not make your animal fat.

Whimzees also do not contain grains of wheat, and can, therefore, be called a hypoallergenic snack. It mainly consists of potato starch, and therefore also contains a lot of fiber. Fiber again ensures good digestion. Besides that these snacks are super good for both dental care for dogs and bowel movements, they are also very popular with many different pets.

The effect of Whimzees after 28 DAYS

  • 62% less tartar build-up
    • 31% less plaque build-up
    • 43% improvement in mouth odor


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