Dog Breeds Coronavirus in pets

Coronavirus in pets

Coronavirus in pets

Is the new coronavirus dangerous to dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets? In this article, you will find frequently asked questions and advice about the virus and the disease COVID-19 related to pets.

Can pets get corona?

There are as yet no indications that the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can infect and make pets sick. In addition, there is also no evidence that animals play a role in spreading the virus to humans.

However, as a precaution, it is better to be a bit more careful when dealing with animals, because we do not yet know everything about the virus. Do not let your pet lick your hands and face and wash your hands well after contact with your Coronavirus in pets, the food bowl, toys, and feces.

Do you have complaints as a pet owner?

Are you a pet owner infected with the coronavirus or do you have complaints that could indicate the virus, such as the common cold, cough, sore throat or fever? Then it is wise to leave the care of your animal as much as possible to someone else who is healthy.

Infected dog in Hong Kong?

A report has been published from Hong Kong that a keeshond had tested positive for the presence of the virus. The dog was tested because his owner ended up in the hospital as a corona patient. In the meantime, a blood test has been taken in the dog, which showed that the dog has NO Corona COVID-19.

Do dogs and cats have to stay indoors?

Pets do not have to stay indoors. You can easily go for a walk with your dog. But also be a bit more cautious about meeting other pet owners here. Keep at least an arm’s length away.

Different coronaviruses?

Yes, there are many different types of coronaviruses. Dogs and cats also have their own coronaviruses that occur naturally. You call them feline coronaviruses (FCoV) in cats and canine coronaviruses (CCoV) in Coronavirus in dogs.

Hoarding for pet food?

No worries, no hoarding for animal feed. We have enough food to provide your pets with their meals. Make sure that you can at least advance for a week because the delivery times are a bit longer than normal. This has to do with the processing of all orders, not the amount of food available. Do you need your products faster? Then we would like to refer you to one of our Pets Place stores.

Measures in Pets Place stores

We have taken a number of measures in our stores to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus as much as possible:

– Direct hand-to-hand contact is avoided as much as possible.

– We ask you to pay at the checkout with your debit card or mobile phone. If you only have cash, we request that you exchange it without hand contact.

– We ensure an appropriate distance, we ask you to pay attention to this yourself. Preferably a distance of at least an arm’s length.

– Pin equipment, handles, door handles as well as the hands of the personnel are disinfected very regularly.

– If you have no complaints such as fever, cough or cold complaints, you can continue to visit our stores. If you do have these complaints, stay at home.

-Please contact the store in advance regarding the availability of your products. View here all locations and contact details.

Working from home with dogs and cats

Are you working at home because of the coronavirus? Your pet will probably love it! But how do you best deal with this?

Distraction during work

Does your dog or cat want to play with you all day? Then that can provide some distraction while working! Place a basket, mattress or cloth in your area, possibly with something tasty to chew.

There is a good chance that your animal will lie quietly with you. In addition, make sure there are enough (new) toys in the living room with which your animal can enjoy itself. Is your dog used to crating? Then you can put it in the crate from time to time.

Of course, too much distraction is not good. But a little distraction is very good! During your working day, you can occasionally go outside, play and cuddle with your pet. This reduces stress and it is healthy to stretch your legs now and then! Sometimes during a walk, you come across very creative ideas.

Pets as anti-stress!

Of course, as a pet owner, you have known for a long time that pets Coronavirus in dogs make you happy! Not bad at all so if you occasionally get some distraction from your animal while working. This reduces stress!


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