Bulldog Chinese crested hairless dog – 10 fun facts

Chinese crested hairless dog – 10 fun facts

Chinese crested hairless dog

You stand out with a Chinese crested hairless dog. This dog breed looks different from all other dogs! A crest, and bald. Here we list 10 funny facts about this special dog.

1. No dog is the same

Chinese crested hairless dogphoto: Tомасина / wiki commons

There is no other breed as versatile as the Chinese Crested Dog. Chinese Crested dogs can come with or without hair and can be born in pink, brown or spotted color, among other things. And often with crest.

2. The Chinese Crested dog as a jar in bed

Chinese Crested dogThese dogs were not only used as pets for their company but especially for their warmth. Due to lack of fur, these dogs were used by the Aztecs as a jug (bed warmer) and as a compress on painful areas. These activities have probably led to the rumor of Chinese Crested Dogs possessing magical and healing powers.

3. The Pied Piper at Sea

Chinese Hairless Dogs used to be happy to be taken at sea by Chinese sailors. They caught rats on the ships and helped prevent diseases. The dogs themselves were unable to contribute to the spread of the disease due to their lack of fur. And that also meant that they had no or fewer problems with fleas.

4. Bald or not bald?

Pied Piper at Seaphoto: Tommy Gildseth / wiki commons

In a letter, you will never find the same hairless dog. One can be completely hairless and the other can have a thick layer of silky fur all over the body.

5. Elongated dogs

Bald or not baldCompared to other breeds, Chinese Crested Dogs have an elongated figure. Their paw prints are also different from other dogs, they are also called hare-like paw prints.

6. Skin problems

Elongated dogsem> photo: Pleple2000 / wiki commons

Not only people can get eczema or itch, but Chinese Crested dogs also have the same problem as people when it comes to skin problems. Think of acne, rashes and their skin can even burn in the sun. This is due to the fact that their skin is sensitive without hair.

7. Allergy to wool and lanolin

Allergy to wool and lanolinphoto: Sheri Terris / Flickr

Because these dogs are so hairless, they usually need to be protected from the cold. But watch out, don’t dress them in wool suits or clothes made from lanolin. Chinese Crested dogs are allergic to this. They itch and they can cause severe irritation or rashes.

8. Hollywood stars

Hollywood starsChihuahuas are not only very popular among celebrities and in movies. Chinese crested dogs are also very popular in Hollywood. They played a role in, for example, blockbuster ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’,’ Cats and Dogs’, they were the buddies of the Olsen sisters in the movie ‘New York Minute’ and what about the movie ‘102 Dalmations?

9. Misleading name

Misleading nameDespite these dogs being called Chinese Crested dogs, they are actually not from China at all, but from Africa by origin. In China, they were later bred to a smaller breed.

And only since the late 19th century did the Chinese Crested Dog make its entry into Europe. Meanwhile, this breed has now become quite popular in the west.

10. Ugly duckling

Chinese Crested dogs are usually thought of as beautiful, elegant dogs. They are of course Hollywood stars for a reason. But on the other hand, they have also been more often proclaimed as ‘ the most ugly dog ‘ in the world.

Not everyone will agree, but in fact, no other breed has won this ugliest title more often than the Chinese Crested Dog. The most famous Chinese Crested Hairless Dog is the blind Sam, who won the competition three years in a row with this title and goes around on Facebook as a ‘monster’.


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