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Child-friendly dogs

Child friendly dogs

Many people think that all dogs are sweet to Child-friendly dogs, but not all dogs are suitable for keeping with children. A distinction is made between large and small dogs.

Many people think that small dogs always go well with children and that the big dogs can bite the children, but where does this come from?

Shepherds and rottweilers often have a bad reputation among humans, but these dogs get along very well with children and are very sweet for this, but it all depends on how you treat the dog and the children as owners.

The influence of a child can also change the behavior of the dog. Not all dogs like busy children, so the age of the dog also plays a role in saying whether the dog could be placed in children.

Do all dogs fit children?

No, not all dogs should grow up with children. There are dogs that end up in the shelter because they have bitten a child, but where does that behavior come from?

It may be that the dog has had negative experiences with children because children have pulled on his tail or hung on his ears. This can be a reason for the dog to bite a child.

First, the dog will growl and give warnings, but children do not know these signals. Parents often ignore it and take the dog to the shelter when it is too late.

If you are going to buy a dog, you should therefore always look carefully at the possibilities. What is the dog’s past? How is the dog’s behavior in the books and how do your children deal with a dog?

It is important that children know that the dog has its own place and that they should not chase the dog, take toys continuously or ride the dog on the horse. This behavior can be annoying for a dog and cause the dog to feel unwell.

How do children deal with the dog?

There are many dogs that get along well with dogs, golden retrievers are known to be gentle and also real cuddly dogs. The labrador is also known for this. But that’s not to say other dog breeds can’t get along with children.

It is important that you look at the character traits of the dog, also look at your own children, are they busy or quiet and can they be responsible?

Both the dog and the children have to learn rules to live together. The dog must learn to distribute attention and children must learn to leave dogs alone if, for example, they sleep or lie down somewhere quiet.

This means that there are many child-friendly dogs, but this must be worked on together with the owner, the dog and the children. But note: If you are going to take a dog out of the shelter, it is important that you check whether this dog has grown up with children.

You never know what the dogs have been through here because they are not always honest about why the dog has to go to the shelter. Therefore, be extra careful if you take a dog out of the shelter when you also have children.


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