Chinese crested hairless dog

Chinese crested hairless dog – 10 fun facts

You stand out with a Chinese crested hairless dog. This dog breed looks different from all other dogs! A crest, and bald. Here we list 10 funny...
Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd – 11 facts about this beautiful dog breed

See a particularly striking dog: bright blue eyes, unusual color patterns, and a particularly smooth and enthusiastic walk. This is the Australian Shepherd, one...
dog breeds for men

10 dog breeds for men

Having a pet in the house is very common. 2.8 million cats and 1.5 million dogs live in the Netherlands. Every owner has his...
Japanese dog breeds

The 10 Japanese Dog Breeds

You can find different dog breeds all over the world. Asia, Africa, South America: some of the most famous varieties come from distant countries. The Japanese...
The name Shih Tzu means little lion

Shih Tzu – 10 Facts About This Ancient Dog Breed

The breed is over a thousand years old This oriental breed, country of origin Tibet, is a cross between the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso....

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