Japanese dog breeds

The 10 Japanese Dog Breeds

You can find different dog breeds all over the world. Asia, Africa, South America: some of the most famous varieties come from distant countries. The Japanese...
Italian Dog Breeds

9 Beautiful Italian Dog Breeds

Italy is a real dog country. The Italian dog breeds are often many centuries old, even from before Christ. The dogs all had their own tasks,...
French dog breeds

11 French Dog Breeds

The French love dogs. They used to be popular with hunting and even dogs lived at the French court. But many French people still...
French Poodle

French Poodle – 7 facts about this elegant dog breed

The French Poodle may come across as somewhat arrogant, and according to some, looks more like a fashion accessory than a dog, but make...
French Bulldog

French Bulldog – 8 Facts About These Happy Pet Animals

The French Bulldog is sturdy and muscular, has a fairly flat and wide snout and of course, the upright ears are characteristic. According to...
The name Shih Tzu means little lion

Shih Tzu – 10 Facts About This Ancient Dog Breed

The breed is over a thousand years old This oriental breed, country of origin Tibet, is a cross between the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso....
smartest dog breeds

The 15 smartest dog breeds and their character

Just like humans, there are smart and less smartest dog breeds. A dog is born with a certain capacity to learn things. So how well and...
energetic dog breeds for active people

11 energetic dog breeds for active people

Are you the kind of person who never sits still? Always on the go? Then a 'couch potato' does not suit you. You want...
dog breeds small

35 Small Dog Breeds List

Are you looking for dog breeds small? There are enough purebred dogs to choose from. We have made an overview of the 35 smallest...

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