Bulldog Cane Corso: all about this tough dog breed!

Cane Corso: all about this tough dog breed!

Cane Corso

Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molosser, Dogtype and Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Country of origin: Italy
Current and  Hunting dog on large game,
original tasks  herd and yard guard


Shoulder height
Males between 64 and 68 centimeters.
Bitches between 60 and 64 centimeters.
Weight –
Males weigh between 45 to 50 pounds.
Bitches weigh between 40 to 45 pounds.
The skull is wide between the ears. The stop is clear. The strong lips hangover. The eyes are medium in size. The triangular ears are worn hanging. The Cane Corso has slightly undershot teeth.
They are medium to large and powerfully built. The back is straight, wide and muscular. The chest is wide and has a clear front chest. The legs are straight and well angulated. They have cat feet.
Coat: Short, shiny and dense.
Colors: Black, yellow. red and various shades of gray.Cane Corso Dog


This dog breed is brave, intelligent, and active (aka dashing). The Cane Corso is affectionate and loyal and is not suitable for kennel life. They are very watchful and protective.
They get along well with children. They adopt a vigilant attitude towards strangers. If the dog is well socialized, it will not cause any problems with other pets. He can be combative compared to other dogs.


This is a dog that needs a lot of exercises. They are tireless and can walk for hours or walk beside the bike. They also like ball games and retrieving. When this dog gets enough exercise outside, it is quite calm in the house.
This dog is not so suitable for the novice dog lover. A Cane Corso is ideal for calm people with a natural predominance. Introduce him as a puppy to many different situations, people and animals. The extra focus during puppyhood should be on socializing with other dogs.
The Cane Corso’s coat requires very little grooming. When the Cane Corso is in the shedding period, a rubber massage glove offers a solution to effectively remove loose and dead hair from the coat. Keep the nails short.


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