Dog Breeds Can I be infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) through my dog?

Can I be infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) through my dog?

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Can I be infected with the Coronavirus through my dog? Many people wonder whether they can still hug their dogs and whether they can become infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The answer is simple, use your common sense. Much depends on the situation of the situation.

If your dog comes into contact with an infected person, small drops may end up on your dog’s coat when coughing or sneezing. That is just like on other surfaces in the spacious environment of that infected person.

Those who breathe in those drops or ingest them in their mouth, nose or eyes can become infected with the virus. There is no evidence that the contamination occurs through the skin. Reduces the risk of contamination by keeping more than a meter away from sick persons, touching the face as little as possible and paying attention to good hand hygiene.

So that also means that dogs can carry these droplets on their fur in case they come into contact with sick people. You can therefore easily avoid this by not allowing dogs to come into contact with foreign persons. If you go out for a walk, keep your distance and don’t let your dog stay near others.

Use your wits

In short, use common sense and keep away from people and dogs while walking. Let your dog sniff as little as possible during a walk. Keep your dog on a leash. Try to avoid dogs licking your hands and face after walking.

Precautions to take

Finally, the virus can only survive on the dog’s coat for a limited time. The virus cannot survive well on absorbent material (such as cardboard, paper, textile, etc.). The virus is very sensitive to drying out, heat and sunlight. After each walk, thoroughly wash your dog’s paws with water and dog shampoo and don’t be fooled. It is also not necessary to quarantine dogs !!!!Coronavirus (COVID-19) through my dog

Can pets infect humans if they have been in contact with infected individuals?

Can I be infected with the Coronavirus through my dog ​​- The risk of a Covid-19 infection from pet contact is currently rated negligible as Covid-19 is primarily transmitted through close human contact. Although it is suspected that Covid-19 originally came from the wild fauna and has since adapted to humans (“humanized” virus), there are no data to date indicating that pets pose a risk to humans through the transmission.

from Covid-19. The classic rules of hygiene (avoid close contact with your animal, especially if you are sick, wash your hands after touching an animal) are therefore recommended once again if you come into contact with animals that can carry the virus for short periods of time due to environmental contamination.


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