Dog Breeds 9 Beautiful Italian Dog Breeds

9 Beautiful Italian Dog Breeds

Italian Dog Breeds

Italy is a real dog country. The Italian dog breeds are often many centuries old, even from before Christ. The dogs all had their own tasks, helping in the hunt, guarding the yard, or saving people. It has produced some very nice dog breeds that now mainly live as a house dog.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto RomagnoloThe Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian dog breed from the Romagna region. It is a very old dog breed, and probably the first of the water dogs (the name translates to ‘more dog from Romagna’).

Although they used to be mainly water dogs, they are now mainly known as truffle seekers, this breed specialized in this after the Second World War. The Lagotto is a medium-sized dog of about 13-16 kilograms. They are fast and agile, and since they have always worked together with people, they are also well trainable.

Spinone Italiano

Italian Dog BreedsThe Spinone Italiano is also a very old dog breed, which can be traced back to about 500 BC. The dog breed is used in hunting, especially in retrieving. They are also perfectly suited as a house dog and are very popular in the UK.

Volpino Italiano

The Volpino Italiano is the Italian Keeshond. This small dog (5 kilograms) used to be used as a watchdog, they are very bright, but nowadays it is a real companion dog.Volpino Italiano

Mastino Napoletano

Mastino NapoletanoA bit strange we can call the Mastino Napoletano with its hanging sheets. It is one of the oldest known dog breeds. It is said that the dog was bred in the time of Alexander the Great. This originally watchdog is calm and balanced in nature. But also very protective of his family, so good socialization is a must with such a strong dog breed. It may not surprise you either that the Mastino Napoletano is known for its many drooling.


BergamascoWith its dreadlocks, the Bergamasco can also be described as strange. They descend from Italian shepherds, who are descended from Persian sheepdogs. A lot has also been crossed with Hungarian shepherds, resulting in a number of Hungarian dog breeds (Puli, Kuvasz, Pumi, Komondor, Mudi). The Bergamasco is mainly used as a sheepdog in the Italian mountains but is also used as a watchdog.


BologneseThe small dog breed Bolognezer is named after the Italian city of Bologna, where they come from. The ancestor of the breed is the Maltese who comes from Malta. The Bolognese is a real companion animal. He loves his owners and does everything to please them and always wants to play with them. They weigh between 2.5 and 4 kilograms.

Bracco Italiano

Bracco ItalianoAccording to many dog ​​experts, the Italian dog breed Bracco Italiano is the oldest of the standing hunting dogs. They (probably) originated from a cross between the Assyrian dog and Egyptian greyhounds. They are athletic, agile, and love to work, of course in the hunt. They love people.

Cane Corso

Cane CorsoThe Cane Corso is tough! A real watchdog and a lot of muscles! Originally from rural Italy where he guarded flocks of sheep and farmyards. The current cane Corso is a reliable, sporty dog. The cane Corso is an independent dog. He loves his boss but also likes to go out alone.

Not the easiest dog to raise. But if you have experience with dogs and you socialize the Cane Corso throws you have a really good size to him! Often the ears are cropped into a triangle, but of course, you will NOT do that as a tough owner!

Saint Bernard

Saint BernardThe Saint Bernard in the list of Italian dog breeds? Everyone knows this dog is from Switzerland! Well, they come from the area of ​​the Great St Bernard Pass in the western Alps between Switzerland and Italy.

The Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds with a weight that can exceed 100 kilograms. They are imposing, but very calm and sensitive.



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