Dog Breeds Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle dog

Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle dog

australian cattle dog

The Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle dog is a breed that belongs to the breed group. The dogs are from Australia. The dogs have good stamina, they like to work hard for the owner and are eager to learn. They are beautiful dogs to see and look like wolves from a distance.

General view

Breed characteristics

The breed is known for good stamina and hard work. They are not only sporty dogs but also hard-working dogs. The dogs love to be allowed to move and prefer to do this all day long. The dogs’ tail is carried low and is quite long and thick.

The dogs’ ears are upright, they are carried up and they are very alert. The eyes are oval in shape and dark in color. The coat can have various colors, often wolf-gray to blue. The dogs are about 48 cm high. The bitches are a bit smaller.


The Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle dog character is good, they like to work hard, they are friendly dogs and real cattle drivers. They are also good companion dogs.

They are also very sweet to children, but they need to exercise every day so that they do not fall short. A house with a garden is recommended if you want to take this breed into your home.

Usage / functions

Cattle dogs and companion dogs.


The dogs need a lot of exercise, the floating is really in it, the dogs must be able to release their energy and then they can also be kept indoors.


The coat of these dogs is flat, they have a double face that is very short, the hair length averages 2.5 cm to 4 cm. Brushing is good for these dogs.

Dealing with children

They are nice to children, they love to play and can, therefore, use their energy together.


Originally the Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle dog comes from Australia as the name actually says. They are real cattle drivers, but they are also good dogs as house dogs.



The dogs are strong, compact and real working dogs. That’s what they look like. The dogs are very agile, they have a lot of strength and their stamina is good. The dogs have erect ears and are very alert.


The color of the coat is wolf gray, it can also be blue or red speckled.

Height at the withers

The height at the withers of the male is a maximum of 51 cm and a female maximum of 48 cm.


These dogs’ eyes are oval in shape and medium in size.


The coat of these dogs is up to 4 cm long. Brushing is definitely recommended for these dogs. This keeps the coat of the  Australian cattle driver’s dog beautiful.


The tail of this breed is set low, the dog is carried down at rest.


The Australian cattle dog or Australian cattle is a dog that loves to move. They can move freely, they have good stamina and they are very kind to people.


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