Dog Breeds Appenzell Mountain Dog | All about under breeds

Appenzell Mountain Dog | All about under breeds

Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a very intelligent dog with endless energy. This is a large breed of dog that will not thrive in a busy and urban environment unless it gets a lot of activity from its owner. Early socialization is necessary and early training is crucial. This strong and powerful dog breed needs a lot of space to run and move. He prefers to be outdoors where he can have a great time playing and guarding his yard.

If you do not have a large enclosed garden, you can entertain this dog with ball games. Fetching, walking next to the bike, obedience training or jogging is also great for these dogs. The Appenzell Mountain Dog is not suitable for life in a kennel and does not like being alone.

Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog belongs to the group of Pinschers, Schnauzers, Molosser, Dog type, and Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Other names for the Appenzell Mountain Dog are the Appenzell Mountain Dog or Appenzell Cattle Dog.

Country of origin: Switzerland
Current and original duties : Herdsman and cattle driver, draft dog and watchdog
Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
Temperament: Affectionate, lively, confident, reliable and fearless


Since 1853, the Appenzell Mountain Dog was first described as a barking, short-haired, multicolored cattle dog. These watchdogs were used to guard the home and herd cattle in his native Appenzell, Switzerland. The Appenzell Mountain Dog was first recognized by the Swiss Cynological Society in 1898. The first breed club of the Appenzell Mountain Dog was later founded by Professor Dr. Albert Heim, a devoted Swiss bovine dog lover in 1906.

Mountain Dog

Today, the breed can be seen all over Switzerland and in other parts of Europe. Although considered rare, the number of Appenzellers is also slowly increasing in North America. The breeding stock is still very small and it is only through careful and responsible breeding that it will be possible to preserve its natural and excellent hereditary characteristics.


Height: Female: 50–54 cm, Male: 52–56 cm
Weight: Female: 22–32 kg, Male: 22–32 kg

The Appenzell Mountain Dog has a broad skull between the ears. The forehead groove is light. The muzzle is powerful and slightly narrower towards the nose. The muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull in these dogs. The triangular ears are worn hanging. The eyes are almond shaped and these dogs have a scissor or forceps bite.
The length of the body is slightly longer than high. The back is firm and straight. The tail is set high and is carried rolled up sideways above the crotch. The chest is wide and deep. They have cat feet.

Appenzell Mountain Dog have a stick-haired and sturdy double coat with a flat and dense top coat. The top coat is thick and glossy and the undercoat is thick black, brown or gray.

Colors of the Appenzell Mountain Dog
Tricolor, black with rust brown and white.

Behavior and character traits of the Appenzell Mountain Dog

An Appenzell Mountain Dog is a lively, active and cheerful working dog. Very intelligent and have a stormy, but balanced temperament. They love to bark, but they are also very watchful and brave. These beautiful dogs are real family dogs.


Males can be dominant over other dogs. They usually get on well with their peers. They do not cause problems with other pets. They adopt a vigilant attitude towards strangers. Keep in mind that the dog will pick it up for your kids if they play too rough with friends.

Intercourse and movement

Appenzell Mountain Dogs need a fair amount of exercise and like to be outside. These dogs like to do something like keep small livestock together or guard the yard. If you do not have a large enclosed garden, you can entertain them with ball games, retrieving, obedience training, or jogging with your dog. They are not suitable for kennel life and do not like to be alone.


When educating, it is best to start training at a young age. Like all puppies, they should be well socialized with other dogs and people. Therefore, let the puppy also come into contact with different people, animals, and situations. Poor socialization results in a barking dog that is all too alert. With proper training, this is the perfect companion dog that will faithfully follow its owner and never let you down. Give this dog a consistent but loving education. For the Appenzell Mountain Dog, love is necessary during education. Also, remember that all active and large working dogs such as the Appenzell Mountain Dog need a lot of exercises.

Training the Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a cheerful dog that is capable and reliable. These highly intelligent dogs need a stable and honest owner. Treat the Appenzeller with respect. A rough or brutal training does not work with these dogs. The owner or trainer must be correct, respectful and above all consistent in their training.

This breed is vigilant and protects its territory, home and people. While this is not the dog breed that will suit everyone, especially the first or inexperienced dog owner, a well-trained Appenzeller is a loyal and loving companion. Give him work and good leadership, and he will be loyal and satisfied.

Coat care with the Appenzell Mountain Dog

The Appenzell Mountain Dog does not need much coat care. Appenzeller have a sturdy double coat. The topcoat is thick and glossy and the undercoat is thick black, brown, or gray. Weekly brushing with a firm brush to remove loose and dead hair is recommended. Check regularly for dirt and foreign objects in the ears. If you are staying in ticked areas, always make sure to check your dog’s ears and coat after walks.


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