Dog Breeds American Foxhound – Read all about this hunting dog

American Foxhound – Read all about this hunting dog

American Foxhound

A thoroughbred hunter

Soft looks, lops, soft easy-care fur and a medium size: an American Foxhound is often seen by laymen as a loyal companion for everyone – from retired to family with children.

But the original hunting dog is stubborn and demanding. Fans of this breed should therefore inform themselves carefully before purchasing this purebred dog. Here you will learn a few things about this unknown breed in Europe.

This is what a dog with stamina looks like

The American Foxhound is made to hunt and walk for a long time – beauty does not play an important role in the selection of breeding animals.

One can not see that in the dogs. It’s about the co

ndition and speed. This can be seen from the physique: the dog is wiryly muscled with a large chest with room for a large lung content. The hard coat is sleek and all colors are allowed.

The American Foxhound has hanging ears that hang forward. Compared to its close family, the English Foxhound, the American is slightly higher and more graceful.

The weight varies between 30 and 34 kilograms with a height at the withers of 53-63 cm. However, there are some exhibition animals that are larger and heavier: Male dogs can reach a height of up to 74 cm.

Origin with many facets

The blood of hunting dogs from different countries flows through the veins of the American Foxhound.The British Robert Brooke sailed with some English dogs to Maryland in the United States in 1650.

At that time hunting was still common practice for the nobility. Many hunting dogs are descended from these “English Hounds”, it is believed to have been a black and tan Irish Kerry Beagles. The nobility in the US soon used the dog for fox hunting.

The import of faster red foxes from Europe created the need for faster Foxhounds, which resulted in crossbreeding. This breed is one of the oldest bred breeds in America – some dog experts even assume it is “the oldest American breed”.

George Washington, first President of the United States (1789-1797), was a fox hunter and dog lover also active as a breeder and made a major contribution to the breed. He gave his four-legged friends emotional names such as “Sweet Lips”, “True Love” or “Vulcan”.

In 1785 he received a few French hunting dogs from General La Fayette. He crossed it with Foxhounds.Around 1830, faster Irish hunting dogs were crossed. Eventually, over the years, crosses between British, French, Irish hounds and German sweat dogs resulted in the American hound. In 1886, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed.

Since 1966, the American Foxhound has a special position in the Land of Unlimited Possibilities: He is one of the “state dogs” and represents the state of Virginia. In total, eleven states have a “State Dog”, so a breed that is historically very closely associated with the area in question.

The American Foxhound also has many facets these days: There are different types of the breed, such as the Trigg or Walker. Although they all look different, they all belong to the American Foxhound. The number is estimated at approximately 100,000 animals worldwide.

Use: passionate hunting dog

Like its immediate family, the English Foxhound, the American Foxhound is one of the tracking dogs. He is an excellent hunter that is especially suitable for hunting in platoon. His job is to chase the foxes while hunting until they are exhausted. He must not kill them.

When hunters brought the red fox to the U.S., hoping for exciting hunts, it also had a positive effect on breeding, eventually creating the American Foxhound. Originally there were only gray foxes, which are slightly slower than red foxes, but can climb trees.

Hunting dogs were especially popular during the feudal period, when the nobility arranged entire landscapes as hunting grounds. They then went on horseback hunting with many hunting dogs. The American Foxhound therefore also gets along well with riders and horses.

Although these extravagant yachts ended with the decline of the nobility, hunting continues in some countries. For example in France.In Germany and Great Britain, fox hunting is prohibited in the pack – dogs follow artificial tracks while hunting. While his British family is still out hunting – especially fox hunting – the American Foxhound is now used as a show dog.

He can often be found at exhibitions. Due to his hunting instinct and his great urge to move, he is not very suitable as a companion dog. While his British family is still out hunting – especially fox hunting – the American Foxhound is now used as a show dog.

He can often be found at exhibitions. Due to his hunting instinct and his great urge to move, he is not very suitable as a companion dog. While his British family is still out hunting – especially fox hunting – the American Foxhound is now used as a show dog. He can often be found at exhibitions. Due to his hunting instinct and his great urge to move, he is not very suitable as a companion dog.

Character: stubborn and cozy

As a hunting dog, an American Foxhound is generally quite stubborn: the animals were bred to run independently from the hunter and still maintain contact with the hunter. Therefore, this breed is less focused on humans.

He does listen to normal directions, although he does this without much enthusiasm.They feel like a fish in the water in the company of other dogs. The American Foxhound is often friendly to strangers, but some show their watchful side when they meet strangers.

Incidentally, American Foxhounds have a special feature that allows their owner to recognize them at a great distance even in the dark: the breed is known for its characteristic barking. It sounds more like a kind of singing.

Due to the volume – which can be heard miles away – an American Foxhound is not suitable for noise-sensitive environments. The hunting dogs like to eat small animals – this should be remembered when purchasing, because animals are difficult to keep in combination with smaller pets the size of prey.

Enough movement

Too many calories in combination with little exercise can lead to overweight in the American Foxhound above average. The dog must be sufficiently challenged and the choice of feed is also very important.

Adjusting the feed amounts can make all the difference. The breed has a genetic predisposition to the disease thrombocytopenia, a lack of platelets in the blood that can cause even minor injuries to heavy bleeding.

Some dogs are prone to hip dysplasia – when purchasing a puppy, make sure you educate yourself about the parent’s preliminary examination. The four-legged friends have an average life expectancy of 11 to 13 years.

A dog for hunters

The American Foxhound is an excellent hunter and a good companion dog only under condition. Some experts do not recommend keeping the dog as a companion dog unless a professional family hunter can take him to work every day.

The same goes for his immediate family, the English Foxhound, who also feels best when his owner is a hunter. The reason for this is his extreme urge to move and the breed’s great hunting instinct. Hunting training is required to ensure that this runs smoothly.

Only an American Foxhound that is sufficiently challenged is a fine companion in everyday life. Few can satisfy his hunger for movement. Fans of the breed should be informed by the breeder about the different types within the breed. As for the urge to move, the exhibition dogs are generally a little less demanding than other types.

However, one should also think carefully about the purchase of a hunting dog. As charming as it is, keeping it the right way remains a daunting task. There are enough breeds that can be kept as a companion dog.

If you are not a hunter and are looking for a dog, there are plenty of alternatives. This breed prefers to live with other dogs – there should be at least one other dog, but preferably more.

The American Foxhound is generally nice to children. However, relaxing living with cats and other pets is generally never successful. The American Foxhound is not suitable for a city home.

Despite trips in the forest, the dogs know a garden, in which they can frolic and from which they cannot escape. Before purchasing a dog of this breed, it is also necessary to think about the long term: think about the holiday care, regular expenses (animal feed, vet) basic supplies (line , basket , food bowls , blanket, brushes, etc.) and any additional expenses in case of illness. Also think about how much time you need for this four-legged friend and be realistic.

Easy to care for

Taking care of an American Foxhound is child’s play: brushing once a week is enough. In order to ensure that less hair ends up in the living room, it makes sense to also brush daily, especially during the moult.

Education: best with a hunting training

From the outset, it is best if the American Foxhound is raised by people who know about it, because peculiarities of the breed need to be taken into consideration during education.

It is more difficult to teach obedience to a dog of this breed if he spent more time in his litter as a puppy than with humans. All four-legged friends of this breed need a lot of attention, training and time to get used to life as a family dog.

An American Foxhound is stubborn and also has a strong hunting instinct. Living together works best when the dog gets a real hunting training. For the upbringing you need patience because the breed is quite stubborn – especially if the animals follow a trail.

Activity for the cozy “working animal”

An American Foxhound belongs to the so-called “tracking dogs”. It is a dog that needs a lot of exercise.He has to exercise several hours a day. During the hunt, the dog can easily maintain a pace for five to six hours.

Dogs of this breed like to go jogging. This is usually not even enough to give him enough exercise.It is a problem that this passionate hunter cannot get off the line because of his great hunting instinct.

An American Foxhound that does not have enough challenge and movement becomes restless and nervous. In many cases, obedience training is recommended for representatives of this breed.

Where can I find an American Foxhound?

American Foxhounds are not common in Europe. This has to do with the fact that the breed mainly belongs in hunter’s hands. Few private dog owners can keep the discerning dog properly and meet all requirements.

Finding an American Foxhound breeder can be tricky, as there aren’t many in Europe. It is best to go to a dog breeders association in your area.

They can often help you further. You can also make a trip to America, the country of origin, because the dogs are much more common there. Of course you can also search for a breeder on the internet.

Make sure that the breeder is affiliated with an association and that they value the health care of the parents. Serious breeders have nothing to hide – usually you can get to know both the puppy and the parents during a visit.

You can also ask the breeder questions. He will also have some questions for you to make sure his puppy ends up in good hands. Of course he wants to know if you can meet the high demands of the dog.

In general, they only give the American Foxhound to people who go hunting with it. You will receive the vaccination certificate, health certificate and papers during transfer. If it can also be an dog, it is best to search the internet.

For example, there are associations that focus on selling hunting dogs. They occasionally have an American Foxhound or family thereof. If you are not a hunter but a fan of the breed, you can look around in shelters – here are often crossbreeds similar to the American Foxhound. These dogs are often better suited as a family dog.

We wish you a lot of fun with your four-legged friend!


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