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American Bulldog

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a confident and well-balanced dog. They are intelligent and very hard on themselves. They are dogs with a natural instinct to guard and defend their family and home.

He does this calmly and thoughtfully but very convincingly. They are very attached to their owner and the family. They should live in the middle of the family. They are therefore not suitable for life in a kennel.

American Bulldogs are real working dogs and can handle a variety of tasks. However, this dog breed is very stubborn, dominant and headstrong.

They strive to play a leading role in any situation. The owner of an American Bulldog must be determined, strong, and always keep in mind what he says.

Other names for the American Bulldog are American Bulldog, Bulldog, Village Bulldog, Old English White, American Pete Bull Terrier.

Behavior and character of the American Bulldog

the American BulldogThe American Bulldog is a confident and well-balanced dog. They are intelligent and very hard on themselves. They are very attached to their owner and the family.

They get along well with children, but sometimes they feel a bit superior to other dogs, this is mainly due to their instinct. Therefore, the American Bulldog should be trained for obedience at a young age.

American Bulldog

This dog breed has not yet been recognized by the FCI.

Country of Origin: United States.
Current and original duties: Watchdog and hunting dog.

The current dog is a working dog that can be used for many tasks. It is also a nice and loyal dog within the family.

On January 1, 1999, this breed was recognized by the Kennel Club in England. The American Bulldog has been bred for a long time and moves from one body shape to another.

During this time, the variety was used for various applications. The structure and temperament reflected such differences.


Height at the withers
Males between 55 and 70 centimeters.
Bitches between 50 and 65 centimeters.
Males weigh a maximum of 50 kilos.
Bitches weigh up to 45 pounds.

Head: The head is large and wide. American Bulldogs have a deep stop with well-developed cheeks. The muzzle is wide and square. The ears may be worn hanging or folded back.

The medium-sized eyes are round to almond-shaped. The American Bulldog has under-biting teeth.

Body: The physique is compact with a rather short strong back. The tail of the American Bulldog is set low and is carried hanging.

It is moderately long, usually kept below the backline, the tip in the form of a sickle. The tail reaches the level of the hock. The legs are upright and have a heavy bone.

The feet are medium in size with well arched and close-fitting toes.

Coat: Short, soft coat.
Colors: White with brindle, black, red spots.


They go through fire for people of their own family. It’s important to note that there are many American bulldogs who cannot live with a same-dog.

These dogs also have strong hunting instincts and usually hunt walking animals and catch cats. A poorly socialized, untrained and uncontrollable American Bulldog can paralyze or even kill another pet.

They get on well with dogs that are part of the family and submissive to them. Other family animals that the dog grew up with are accepted.

Train American Bulldog

Dogs of this breed should be introduced regularly to friendly and unfamiliar people so that they learn to feel the difference between good and other people who don’t mean it very well.

Because the American Bulldog has a strong protective instinct, it is, therefore, necessary during training to handle strangers carefully. If you don’t do this, the point can be reached that the American Bulldog will bite anyone who gets in his way.

Intercourse and movement

If you don’t have time for him for a day, he generally adapts well. In a well-enclosed garden, the dog will provide for its own exercise needs. They like to play ball games.


If you are inexperienced, capricious or unbalanced, this dog breed is not for you. An owner who is calm and has a natural preponderance is a good combination. They are intelligent and learn new commands fairly quickly.

A clear, consistent and loving upbringing is necessary. Hard education is out of the question. Spend a lot of time and attention on good socialization, so that they have every chance to grow up into a balanced and stable dog.Education

Origin of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a dog breed known since the late 1800s and is one of the close relatives of the Old English Bulldog.

In American, the dog breed was used for its intended purpose and has not undergone changes as in Europe. The American Bulldog is a truly unique breed.

In the past 40 years, there have been two different types. One larger type (a more powerful dog with a shorter snout and protective properties), which we now often call the classic type.

The other type is a smaller but more athletic dog with an elongated snout and a pronounced chase instinct. We often call this type the Standard type.

The goal for breeders to obtain dogs of this “hybrid” type is to obtain dogs that are slightly more powerful than the standard type while maintaining athletic ability.

Such breeding leads to a versatile working, security and sporting dogs. The American Bulldog is very popular both in the country of origin and abroad as a working dog or simply as a family friend.

In many countries of the world, the American Bulldog is used as a wild boar hunter or a working dog with livestock, as well as for K-9.

Remember, there are 2 types of American Bulldogs:

  1. The classic or Johnson type;
    2. Standard or Scott type.

They differ in appearance, but most importantly – in purpose. Classic Bulldogs are good guards, they have a short snout and a very powerful body. But the standard Bulldogs have an elongated head and a slightly athletic body, which is great for hunting.


Despite the fact that the American Bulldog is a healthy and strong animal, it is most susceptible to the following diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies and skin diseases that can be signs of immune problems and unilateral or bilateral deafness.

American Bulldog puppy

American Bulldog puppyBe careful when buying an American Bulldog. Only buy your puppy from responsible breeders.

A loving pet that gets along well with children, the American Bulldogs is also a fearless guard who resolutely attacks anyone who threatens its owner.

These dogs require a lot of time, energy and a good education. So we now come to the question, is there enough time to give this new puppy/dog what he needs.


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